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27-08-07, 19:25
:wve: Hello everyone. This is my first fan fiction for Tomb Raider so be kind! :)

It's called Cake, and basically it's a one shot. It's Lara's birthday and Zip and Al are trying to make her seperate cakes. But choas encurs and well...You'll see.
Alastair frowned, adjusted his glasses. And read the ingredients once time over before setting the recipe book down and staring into the heap of cake mixture that was bright green for some odd reason. He scratched his head, tilted his face slightly and squinted, asthough it would make the cake seem slightly edible. A chuckled filled the room as he twisted to see Zip, who was perfectly icing a beautiful, pink cake with white swirls that looked like roses. Alastair blinked at his own D.I.Y than over at Zip's masterpeice.

"How the devil did you do that?" The british man furrowed his brow as he walked over towards the american and stared placidly down at the peice of art.

"I used to be a chef, Al. Surely you knew that..." Zip laughed, picking the cake up and walking over to the fridge. He smiled at his artwork then placed it gently into the fridge, as to not drop it or smear any of the icing or decorations that adourned it's layers. Alastair sighed, and walked over to the lump of green that covered most of two worktops.

"How the bloody hell did I do this?!" He whined, palming his hand against his forehead in defeat. Zip let out another hearty chuckle before bending over to pick up a pound from under the table. Alastair laughed under his breath as the american 'big' guy got back up, and as he did so he banged his head against the table and sent plated of china and crystal glasses crashing to floor in what seemed thousands of peices. He groaned, gripping the back of his neck as he stood and Alastair gasped at the mess that scattered the floor.

"Aw, Crap!" Zip moaned, as he realised just how many plates and glasses he had broken. Alastair just forze, staring down at the mess in disbelief, "Lara's gonna kill me..."

Right on cue, a fammiliar british woman came to the door, dressed in only a powder, yellow towel as her damp hair hung beaneath her smooth shoulders. She smiled at the two men who gulped in union and stood infront of the mess, so Lara could not see it.

"Lara...I...I mean...Alastair did it!" Zip yelped, pointing an accusing finger at the british man who's jaw literally dropped to the marble floor. He glared at the man.
"WHAT?! HOW DARE YOU BLAME THIS ON ME?!" He screamed, practically biting the ex-chef's head off. Zip cowered away, hiding his face with his hands. He was obviously over dramatising.

"You see Lara... he's a mad man!" Zip spluttered as he fell to the floor and Alastair clenched his fingers muttering under his breath. Lara cocked an eyebrow and raised a hand to silence the males who shot their heads at her instantly.

"LADS!" She shouted as she shut her chocolate brown eyes, "What the hell are you nattering on about?! I just came to see if my cake was done!"

Well that's it! Might do another Chapter when Lara finds out what they did. It depends really on what you thought of it. Anyway, I'm off now Ta-raa

27-08-07, 19:32
haha very good, like it alot, well done!!:D

24-09-07, 15:06
hehe :) love it :tmb:

Alex Fly
24-09-07, 15:09
It's a very good fanfic to read. :tmb:

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Nice One:)

24-09-07, 15:50
Short and sweet :D

There are a few spelling/grammatical errors, and at times there's too much emphasis on what the characters are doing (e.g. practically every single gesture and movement is described, when a lot can be left to the imagination). But overall I enjoyed it very much :tmb:

24-09-07, 15:55
ALISTER!!!!! D:<

Overall it's nicely written. :D

star girl
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ALISTER!!!!! D:<

Overall it's nicely written. :D

:vlol: A lot of people have been trying to get that through my head. It just aint working... :vlol: