View Full Version : Disc compatability in foreign countries

14-06-03, 15:48
If you buy a TR game in one country, can you use it in another?

Let me give an example....

Say, I bought a game in Cyprus and played it in England.

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14-06-03, 16:02
Scott, if you mean a PSX disc, it depends on its origin - Europe, Japan, US. For example, any European disc will work on any European PlaySation. Otherwise you'll have to install a modchip on your console (I did a long time ago and never had any single problem in playing Japanese or US games on my system).

As far as the PC CD games are concerned, they're not 'region-locked' to my knowledge.

tlr online
14-06-03, 16:03
Scotlee. For the PC (and for the most part) indeed you can. Bear in mind tho they may well be in the native tongue. However, console games are different and most can't be transferred.