View Full Version : What is Adobe Photoshop Elements?

28-08-07, 04:34
What is Adobe Photoshop Elements, it is an image viewer or something? I just want to know what it is... :(

28-08-07, 07:34
I think there is an Adobe Photoshop Elements and an Adobe Premiere Elements version. Adobe Photoshop Elements is the light version of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Elements is the light version of Adobe Premiere.

Correct me if I wrong.

28-08-07, 15:27
its a cheaper version of photoshop. the biggest difference between the two versions is that u cant use vector or alpha tools. thats because its not supposed to be used professionally. with the other tools u can do pretty much the same things as in photoshop. :wve:

28-08-07, 15:36


28-08-07, 16:08
It's basically Photoshop with it's advanced features taken out. It has all of the tools I need except for masks and curves adjustments. I do a lot of photo editing and I like editing curves so I prefer Paint Shop Pro, but Elements is more than adequate for most people.