View Full Version : Housemates face charades challenge

tlr online
14-06-03, 16:24
The Big Brother housemates will play a game of charades for their third live Saturday challenge, but with a twist which could spark rows. The group will be asked to choose one housemate to become the guesser - but that person will not be able to win the reward. They will only have one minute from the point when the challenge has been read out to decide who the guesser should be. They are not allowed to draw lots or use any other random selection method.

The others will then take it in turns to perform their charade to the guesser in the green bedroom, and will only win the reward if their charade is guessed correctly. An added twist is that the number of housemates who receive tonight's reward, may depend on whether the winners choose to gamble or play it safe. The result of their challenge will be announced live during the Channel 4 show at 9.05pm.

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