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29-08-07, 13:32
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Lonely Traveller
Lonely Traveller
Short And Fat
Hairy Gut And Hairy ****

Here Come His Wears
To The Woman He Cares
To ***** Heaven City Where Higher Folk Pity

Lonely Traveller
Short And Fat
He's Got No Clothes And Lost His Hat...


This World Is Populated By Living Dead
Rotting Heads On Rotting Corpses
In Rural Villages
And Deserted Cities

My Life Is Now A Ghostly Spectre
Hovering In A Deserted Shopping Centre
Gliding Down Grimy Allys
And Climbing Through Once Busteling Valleys

This Is The World
I Welcomed The End With Open Arms
Here It Is
I've Said Goodbye

The Time Of Man Has Been And Gone
Here Comes The Time Of Darkened Lands
And Blood-red Sun...


Is Suicide The Answer
Is Suicide My Answer?
What If I Get Cancer?
So What If I'm A Mental Case?
Cos Now I Know This World 'Ent My Place!

What If I Slip Into Oblivion?
That Could Be The End!
I Crave The Liquid Gold Of Deadly Poison!
And The Cold Hard Metalic Butt Of A Gun!

I Just Want Death!
And Yeah I'll Miss You Beff And Dom And Vik And Vix And Sarah And Alice And Lanah And Chel...

... Just Don't Tell...

... Them How I Feel!
My Life Is Like An Orange Peal!
One Minute Merry Fresh!
The Next A Mound Of Rotting Safron Flesh!

This Is My Life!
This Could Have Been My Life!
This Was My Life...
... Goodbye...

29-08-07, 17:02
I like them . . really cool... I somehow find the last one one a little bit humorous I don't know why :confused:

29-08-07, 18:58
Cool they are really good, well done!! Got anymore? :p

30-08-07, 07:10
I have more, but some wouldnt be suitable for the forum, i handed the first one in as part of me GCSE poetry courcework, and the teacher gave me an A... even though the word i used.

30-08-07, 07:33
They are great You have a talant there :) the last one is my fav. :tmb:

30-08-07, 07:54
I've Been Alone For Far To Long
I've been alone for far to long
In this world I've had no friends
This road I walk is filled with bends
Please tell me, what is it, that I've done wrong?

In this school I'm missunderstood
In this classroom I sit, just ignored
Is it me, or of this life do I be bored?
What can I do, with this life of mine, will it be any good?

I sit alone in this dark, dark room
With this knife and with this hatred
And crimson blood spills as blade digs deep as I lay upon my bed
I sit and wait, with pain filled patience, for the onset of oblivions doom

Goodbye mum, goodbye dad, goodbye brother, good bye dog and goodbye friends
I've walked this road and rounded these bends
With this dark secret I've lived as its eaten away
Just don't hate me when you find this and you read this final line
Always has been, never will, for now its the end of my time
... I am gay...