View Full Version : How to add pictures?

14-06-03, 18:43
I want to post some pictures, but I don't know how. I've seen other pictures posted (mainly Garfield strips) but I don't know how to do it myself. Can someone please illuminate me?

tlr online
14-06-03, 18:55
Howdy. If you'd like to email the images to me, I'll upload them to our server and reply with the image URL's for posting.

14-06-03, 19:04
Woohoo! Thanks!
:D :D :D

27-06-03, 20:07
Uh, can I do the same to change my avatar?

27-06-03, 20:55
Hey TLR Online, where do I e-mail my new avatar? I forgot again... hehehe, thanks. :D :D