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31-08-07, 13:24
hey hi,... well this is basicly some of the artwork i just made,..

mainly because i wanted to ilustrate how lara would look with a new hairstyle... basicly for the levels of avalon on legend 2...




the last one is after getting wet,.. i guess if its ps3, they will be able to make apropriate movements for the hair as to move silky with the wind, as to be wet and stuck behind until it dries...

Alex Fly
31-08-07, 13:29
I love your style of drawing ! Great work ! :)

31-08-07, 14:50
I love her :D

i love her hair, they should make a TR with lara's hair down like that, it's so cool :)

Legend Killer
31-08-07, 14:53
Nice work! :tmb:

Jin Uzuki
31-08-07, 15:08
I'd LOVE TR8 to incorporate this! :tmb: :tmb:

31-08-07, 15:13
I seriously like your style:tmb:. You should draw more. it's very artistic.:D

star girl
31-08-07, 15:26

31-08-07, 15:32
Love the first one :)

31-08-07, 15:39
Very nice! I love your style :)

young Lara Croft
31-08-07, 15:46
you got potential!!!! I love them !!!!!:tmb:

31-08-07, 16:45
I love that scribbly feel they have to them, but yet they're very elegant. Good job. :tmb:

31-08-07, 17:34
They rock:tmb:

31-08-07, 18:03
Your style is great.Keep up the good work.:tmb:

31-08-07, 20:52
I love them all. But it the last one, U had the opportunity to make her hair very sexy and wild with water, I don't understand why u gave her bangs instead. :o BTW bangs are hair that has been cut above the eyes. :)

31-08-07, 21:45
Those are really good. I like your style :tmb:

01-09-07, 12:37
hey thanx,.. i will keep on then....:D:D...

i just didnt had the time actually to keep making some,.. but i will do more,.. i also wanted to be on the comics threads, but school didnt allow me,..

still... i will:D:D:D

01-09-07, 12:42
by the way,.. can anyone make my pictures viewable in the forum,.. i just get to see te link and not the picture itself,...

01-09-07, 19:42
by the way,.. can anyone make my pictures viewable in the forum,.. i just get to see te link and not the picture itself,...

Oh, yea. It was some stupid thing that Photobucket decided to add. The first link is just to the page. If you want it to just display the picture, then copy the second link under the picture. ;)

03-09-07, 07:40
Awesome work :tmb:
I really love them.