View Full Version : My Tomb Raider Fan videos

31-08-07, 20:02
In my spare time this summer I made three Tomb Raider videos, one being a TRA video, one being a TRA/TR1 comparison and one being a Tomb Raider 1-5 tribute.

Here is the TRA video, I made before TRA came out using trailers and gameplay videos, and it has the Song Celtic Trance by Enya (I think thats the name) (and I baught it from Itunes I didnt illegally download it)

Here is my latest video I made and finished last night, it is a tribute to TR 1-5 the Past of Tomb Raider that will never be forgotten. Featuring the music mainly used is by Vespertea, here is the link to the music they did: http://minorcrisis.net/files/Tomb%20Raider%20%28Drum%20n%20Bass%20Mix%29.mp3

Here is a video I made shortly after TRA came out it is a comparision of TRA/TR1