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09-03-04, 23:21
Hey guys! :D

I want to spread the word on this game because it's just too good for adventure fans not to know about it or play it. It was released 2001, an older game, but is so much better than much of the stuff release recently.

In my opinion, Ico is the most visually beautiful game I've ever played. It's puzzles are amazing (better than Tomb Raider, I'd say ;) ) and the environment is breathtaking. It takes place all in one huge castle in which you try to escape from. If you thought AOD was good, you're in for a big surprise. At first you might think the graphics aren't all that great, but keep playing and you'll see :D

This game is incredibly scary, but not in a gory, bloody kind of way. The enemies themselve do not look at all scary, it's the atmosphere and the game design that adds to the intensity.

You play a 12 year old boy who has to help this princess escape (I think she's a spirit). You'll probably develop a strong emotional attachment to these two. The amazing thing is that you never understand what the girl is saying because she speaks a different language, but you know how she feels and what she wants. You have to have her with you always. If she is captured by evil spirits, you die. You can fight the spirits but you have no health bar so the only way you can die is to fall off an extremely high area or lose her to the black portals the spirits take her to. It's different than in Tomb Raider, you can fall off higher areas than Lara can.

The beginning is slow because you don't know what to do. But when you get the hang of it, this game will probably become one of your favorites. I recommend this game to people who don't rely heavily on walkthroughs and are more into puzzle solving and exploring than action. Tomb Raider fans will love this game a lot.

The game is brilliant, people!

10-03-04, 01:12

I played it on release Bumble,,, very impressed also. Bizare speaking, but as u said, very well made game... and a must buy for any adventure gamers.
The character movement was gorgeous too, and the rain on the storm section :eek:

10-03-04, 01:21
Can't say I've heard of it before, but it turns out my local gameshop has it... Maybe I'll check it out if I can find $40 bucks. Thanks for the tip! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

10-03-04, 01:32
I never heard of ICO.
Could you post a picture of the title here please?
Is it possible that it is not available in Europe?

10-03-04, 02:13
I don't think I'm supposed to link images from other sites but a website you can go to:


I found Ico at my local Walmart for $23. I'm not sure you can buy it in Europe or not, it's an older game and harder to find.


10-03-04, 02:44
Aha... i see! It is absolutely available all over Europe ... only it is a Playstation2 game ... and i am a PC player ;)
My girlfriend plays ps2 though ...the game looks good, i'll surely look for it!