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01-09-07, 07:44
Do you have a favorite artist or one that inspires you? I'm interested to see,

I have two:
Tim Burton, his drawings have a very unique/cute/freaky look to them. I can't get enough. :D (Plus he's my favorite Director ever.)
-Drawing 1 (http://wirelessdigest.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/timburtonbatman.jpg)
-Drawing 2 (http://static.flickr.com/24/93156789_3ec9f43083_o.jpg)
-Drawing 3 (http://www.michaelspornanimation.com/splog/wp-content/a/_cb1sm.jpg)

And Makani (http://makani.deviantart.com/gallery/)- Her drawings have such absolute personality! :yik: They're beautiful and well colored, AND they're usually funny/cute. :)

They may not be famous like VanGogh or Picasso or Dali, but they're just about as brilliant IMO.

01-09-07, 07:50
They certainly have a very nice unique style. I honestly find inspiration in any good draw I see. There are so many talented artists out there with so many different unique approaches that it's kind of hard for me to stick to one in particular:D

01-09-07, 08:03
And then of course there's the talented forum folk, you, Nightwish, Chocolate, Mick etc.

01-09-07, 08:22
There are alot of very(very) talented people here on TRF, but I don't like to think of myself as an artist until I reach my goals. Ok, Here's something of an inspiration though.I was really aw-stunned when I first saw the draws. http://nebezial.deviantart.com/ It's dream of mine to draw this good one day soon:o

01-09-07, 11:08
Quite a bunch from dA, like cypherx, loish, etoli, pyromaniac, lolita-art, meronine, bw-inc, viag, toounit, messa... and the other wizards of art ~o~

01-09-07, 11:13
I agree! Makani is one of my most inspirational artists without a doubt! Her work is just out of this world and a must see for any HP fan :D

01-09-07, 11:34
Dorian Cleavenger and Junji Ito, without a doubt.

01-09-07, 11:39
I agree! Makani is one of my most inspirational artists without a doubt! Her work is just out of this world and a must see for any HP fan :D

Yeah, I get chills each time I see her drawings! :yik: They're just gorgeous! The colouring, the lines, the proportions, the style, the humor... EVERYTHING!

01-09-07, 11:53
Dorian Cleavenger and Junji Ito, without a doubt.

Ohh I remember you showing me some of Ito's front covers. Really unique style.

My all time favourite artist though HAS to be Yo****aka Amano - I even made a tribute video for his works:

As for my other favourite/inspirational artists well here's a few from DeviantArt who I watch:

Enayla (http://enayla.deviantart.com/) - has a certain otherworldliness to her works, usually very effective in the colour department.

Ippus (http://ippus.deviantart.com/) and John-Su (http://johnsu.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0) are pretty good at Manga style pics. - The former has a charming sketchy kind of style whilst the other is just straight up funny most of the time.

Our very own Mistresselysia (http://mistresselysia.deviantart.com/) is among my faves too as there's a lot of charm that goes with her works which are pretty awesome to look at.

01-09-07, 12:16
Oh yes, Elysia's work is so amazing as well...

As far as Junji Ito goes, he's just awesome in every way :D he does manga however his characters look like real people, japanese people indeed. He has a clean style however when horror kicks in, it all gets messy in a good way XD really awesome, so far I haven't seen any other artist being able to convey horror as well as he does.

Another artist I remembered is Victoria FrancÚs, her books are stunning:

A Dorian Cleavenger picture:

And Junji Ito:

Damn I had a hard time finding tame pictures to post XD

As far as my favourites in DA... way too many to mention :p

I love Jojo-kun (no link to her gallery since it has more mature works) and also carrie-ko (http://carrie-ko.deviantart.com/), gorgeous paintings.

Woah Reggie just watched the video and those are absolutely gorgeous... love them, wanna PM me the uncensored name? :D

01-09-07, 12:24
Woah some crazy hair there - what works are Ito most well known for? I'll have check it out. :tmb:

The Hybrid pic is pretty awesome too.

Woah Carrie-Ko is very Amano esque with her works! I'll have to add her to my watch list and check her gallery more.

The uncensored name is Yosh!taka Amano (just change the "!" for an i) - TRF is so obviously predjudiced against the japanese langiage and their frequent use of the word "****" in many of their words. :p


01-09-07, 12:28
Lmao :D thanks.

Junji Ito is well knwon for Tomie (where you can literally see his work going from mediocre to awesome), Uzumaki (which is where that scan comes from, his best work yet IMO, at least in terms of story) and Gyo.

The last two have what seem to be ridiculous premises (Uzumaki - curse of spirals, hence the hair :p Gyo - fish with legs) but he manages to turn those into such effective horrific elements... it's undescribable. Genious indeed.

He has alot more works although these are the only ones translated so far I think