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18-07-01, 05:51
After picking up the key, i got the shock of my life when I saw the @#$#%$#T-rex....figured how to get past him though .....can you kill it with any weapon before opening both the levers? i tried all weapons but none seem to work

18-07-01, 11:32
If you want to use a weapon, the MP5 is the best bet - takes about 200 rounds though.

Actually, your best tactics are: don't kill the raptors up above, then when you've pulled the second lever, they'll come down and take care of Big Mama T Rex for you.

18-07-01, 12:03
After picking up the key, the T-Rex will come from your left. Run, get past him, and head LEFT. Look out for the lit torch and head for the opening below it. From there you will be safe. Now its time to choose your best weapon to kill him in safety.


18-07-01, 14:05
you can actually kill him with pistols but you have an awful lot of leaping and jumping around to do. there is also a block you can climb on to your left just before you turn the corner to where he comes from, you can keep hang dropping from there and up again to lure him out when he goes out of sight, then you can blast him with grenades and heavy artillery

20-07-01, 07:05
Thanks a lot...all of you :D .Never thought that the raptors would do the job!!!
But someone actually killed him with pistols??????????? :eek:

12-08-01, 14:57
i did it takes ages

26-09-01, 05:51
I killed the T-rex with the pistols by sprinting into the little cove where the lever is and waiting there just shooting at the T-rex and if it goes out of range just running out until it turns around and then jump back into the cove and start pumping it full of lead..I saved loads of useful ammo this way and I got to go pick up all the goodies without "mommy" trying to eat me..Hope this help someone!!

09-10-01, 18:25
listen what i did was just skip waisting all that time on the t-rex and just dodge him and then pull both of the switches and get back up in the top area (the t-rex cant get up there) and then shoot him from there or just skip him and go about your buisness.