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02-09-07, 18:37
Not gonna say much except this is my Media Studies Production coursework, I decided to base the whole thing around RE4.

Resident Evil 4 Tv Spots

Anyone whose played the game should know how much editing has been done to it haha. If anyone wants to know the music i used just ask. I made them all on Windows Movie Maker. I added a blue filter to give it a different and more unique look :)

Zelda master
02-09-07, 19:23
Awsome and whats that songs name again (the first one) >.>

BTW love how you used WMP:)

02-09-07, 19:42
Song in the first TV spot is.... Trinity by James Dooley, from the Spidey 3 trailers :)

hehe Thanks, you have NO IDEA how often it crashed because of all the rapid cutting :vlol:

02-09-07, 19:57
Oh my god! They are very Cinematic, amazing editing, must of took you a long time! :cln:

02-09-07, 20:07
ummm i'd say about half an hour for each, to get it perfect, which i don't think is a long time to make a TV spot. :)

02-09-07, 20:30
Fabulous! As a RE4 fan I must say you did an amazing job :jmp:

02-09-07, 20:49
Fabulous! As a RE4 fan I must say you did an amazing job :jmp:

Thank you! :tmb: :D

02-09-07, 20:55
Great music and editing.Only - the video is kinda dark,but in general i love it!:D

03-09-07, 09:41
Thanks! :D