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03-09-07, 17:06
i wrote this last night out of boredom, and i know the first verse doesn't rhyme but i'm just lazy!!

Fallen Broken Shatters
Dusting the grim broken Tombstones
Forgotten and lost in bleak darkness
Slipped glass cracks and folds
Bleeding into the dark decay
Rotten to the core with deep run corruption
The failing fire burning cold with unforgiving hate
Unto the fallen works we break.

Soft grey light filter through
The dark open hole on to who?
Who would stand in the darkened light
Someone who had lost the hard fort fight
Lost with bitter resentment to the lies they spent
So into the dark unforgiving light they went
Lost in dark deep hate
Fallen to break

Let the web spin thick and dripping
Forgotten bleeding souls for the shipping
The un-dead masses piled high
A dark evil mountain that no bird would fly
The unspoken, the untrue, the un-dead
Lost in grey, black, white and red
Red for the blood they spilt on the marble floor
Dead and rotten to the core

The grim truth of the pitiful suicide
A unjust cause to kill the corrupt mind
The poison tipped on the knife that hags by the head
Into the shattered dreams and lased nightmares they shed
As the life pores from the killing blow
They leave behind the life that was always just for show

And by the gun they fell
Left to think and dwell
On the hate and sorrow and lust for hate
Let them burn to ashes in a fires rate
As flesh burns crisp and blood slowly boils
Humanity shuns, forgets and recoils
Like the snake with the poison that drips slowly down
The acid that burns away our soul

And perhaps one day we will forget
The pain, sorrow, lost and regret
That those who die bring
And the lamentations they sing
As they lie under ground, earth and hill
For ever to lie wishing us ill

All comments welcome!! :p

03-09-07, 17:36
Holy freaking god that was scary...but amazing at the same time. You are a very talented writer. Keep it up! :tmb:

03-09-07, 17:40
wow thats amazing!!
i love it!:D

keep up the great work!

04-09-07, 10:48
Thanks guys i dont know where it came from!! :D