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04-09-07, 17:59
Jane Tomlinson has died :(

Who else has heard this ?

Jane Tomlinson, who outran terminal cancer in seven inspiring years of astonishing athletic activity and fundraising for charity, has died at age 43, her family said Tuesday.
Tomlinson continued working as a medical radiographer, ran marathons, finished one triathlon and last year completed a bike ride across America.
She died Monday night at St. Gemma's Hospice in Leeds, her home town in central England, her family said.
Tomlinson lived with breast cancer since 1990, but being told seven years ago that she had just six month to live inspired her to become a super-athlete. Pain only seemed to spur her on.
"No one was more surprised than us when she took out a gym membership in October 2000, a few weeks after the terminal diagnosis. It seemed, on the face of it, massively out of character," her family said in a statement.

"It is to her remarkable achievement that it became the norm for her to complete one marathon or triathlon after another."
Starting with a 10-kilometer race in 2001, Tomlinson went on to run several marathons and an Iron Man triathlon, and last year she completed a 6,780-kilometer (4,213-mile) bicycle ride from San Francisco to New York City.
She also pedaled the length of Britain in 2003 and from Rome to her home town of Leeds the following year.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the whole nation would be saddened by her death.
"Jane's mission in life was a simple one: to make the most of every day and to help others, and she not only achieved that several times over, but inspired millions of others along the way," Brown said.
"She fought a very brave fight, of Olympian proportions, right to the end of her earthly life, and has left us a legacy of courage when faced with difficulty; of striving for others despite one's own important needs," said Arthur Roche, the Roman Catholic bishop of Leeds.
Tomlinson was modest about her achievements.
"I'm not taking part to say to people, 'Look what I can achieve.' I'm taking part because I want to," she said before running in the 2003 London marathon.
She raised 1.75 million pounds (€2.6 million; US$3.5 million) for charity, her family said.
"The weight of this burden has been immense on all of us, but primarily Jane. We hope that she is now at peace from the pain that has accompanied her for so long," her family said in a statement.
In June, Tomlinson said, "the reality is that this will probably be the last summer that I get to spend with my family."
"I've had seven years to contemplate the fact that I'm not going to be around for my family but it doesn't make that end point any clearer, I don't think, and it doesn't make it any easier when you meet it," she said.
She is survived by her husband, Mike; children Suzanne, Rebecca and Steven, and a granddaughter, Emily.
Funeral plans were not immediately announced.

04-09-07, 18:03
A ****ing inspiration.
R.I.P Jane Tomlinson


Legend of Lara
04-09-07, 18:05
XD there was an ad in the quote!!! :vlol:

But that's bad news. R.I.P. :(

04-09-07, 18:07
R.I.P :tmb::(

Edit : err the ad's might be spyware :mis:

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Erm, they've been removed :rolleyes:

04-09-07, 18:17
mathew9r - Whats with the ":tmb:"?

R.I.P Jane Tomlinson. :(

04-09-07, 19:12
R.I.P Jane Tomlinson, truly awful. :(

04-09-07, 19:31
mathew9r - Whats with the ":tmb:"?

Perhaps a tribute to such an astounding victory?

God people get so bent out of shape and sad about death...its annoying. Why not celebrate her life which was much longer than it was 'supposed to be'.

Death is but a phase of our existance...

04-09-07, 19:38
Perhaps a tribute to such an astounding victory?

God people get so bent out of shape and sad about death...its annoying. Why not celebrate her life which was much longer than it was 'supposed to be'.

Death is but a phase of our existance...

That's how I see it. She got told she had six months to live in 2000, but she has managed to live another seven fantastic years, raising more than 1.5 million for charity. :)

04-09-07, 19:59
Such a remarkable woman, it's such a damn shame...:(


Jacob x5
04-09-07, 21:41
She was a remarkable person. Her death is sad news, but she achieved some great accomplishments in life.

Death is but a phase of our existance...

Yep. The last one.

05-09-07, 00:16
She was such a remarkable person.

R.I.P. Jane Tomlinson http://getmesmileys.com/smilies/sad0139.gif

05-09-07, 00:19
You can look at this two ways... it's sad that she died and all, but on the other hand I doubt that she regrets those seven years for a moment.


05-09-07, 07:48
She was a really amazing person who did so much fundraising. To achieve what she did and to do all this through all the pain has to be one of the bravest things ever.

05-09-07, 20:00
Why does the inspiring people who make a difference always die young?
R.I.P. ,Jane