View Full Version : Bioshock Dance

04-09-07, 21:30
After a long set of failed and/or unfinished music vids I finally managed to complete one. So now I present to you...

Bioshock Dance

(^in case it doesn't work: http://youtube.com/watch?v=1T4JnUt_lfI)

I should warn you that's it gets quite graphic at the end with Bioshock being the game it is... You might want to avoid it if you don't like blood.

Anyway, please tell me what you think! I'd love some feedback so that i can improve. It's only my first completed vid after all. ;)

ADIT: Aw shoot... Could anyone give me a headsup on the [youtube] things... I don't quite seem to get it...

04-09-07, 21:40
I like the footage you used... seems to be a good job from my perspective. I didn't care for the song, but that's me. It did seem to match the footage well at times.

05-09-07, 13:23
Thank you. I'm very fond of this song myself but everyone's got their own music taste. I was pretty surprised that it fit so well. It was a sort of a gamble really.

Again, thank you.