View Full Version : Gaia Online Really cool Game!

kill bill
05-09-07, 12:19
www.gaiaonline.com < Basicly the sims expect you can explore town. Get gold by clicking on the daily chances, searching the forums, opening up some pages, Selling Items and furniture etc.

You Create your avatar (with basic clothing) And do a quest for the noobs.
Then from here you can save up money to customize your avatar <(so you can't use pics for your avatar in the forum and in the arena if your avatar looks nice you can win up to 50,000Gold depening if it's worth it) You can customize your House (People can visit it if you have it on public and you can put it in the arena you wont win any money but what I do is in the description put stuff like if you are reading this message donate to me.

So My user name is Lee-Loi Chieng if you want to find me!

(P.S You can customize your car too! And rally!"