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05-09-07, 14:55
does anyone know the name of the song from tr1 movie when lara uses a laptop that was on the robot and inserts a memmory stick and the listens to a song called laras party mix

also in tr2:col when the camera shows croft manor an opera song is played

I want to know what these songs are called

05-09-07, 15:01
The first song is from outkast with the song Speedballin

05-09-07, 15:04
I bought the soundtrack from the first movie.Here's the list:

01 - U2 Elevation
02 - Nine Inch Nails Deep
03 - The Chemical Brothers Galaxy bounce
04 - Missy Elliott feat. Nelly Furtado Get ur freak on
05 - Outkast Speedballin
06 - Moby Aint never learned
07 - BT The revolution
08 - Delerium feat. Aude Terra firma (Laras mix)
09 - Basement Jaxx Wheres your head at
10 - Fat Boy Slim feat. Bootsy Collins Illumination
11 - Fluke Absurd (Whitewash edit)
12 - Leftfield Songs of life
13 - Bosco Satellite
14 - Oxide & Neutrino Devils nightmare

Legend of Lara
05-09-07, 15:10
The opera song in TR2... according to the subtitles, it had something to do with "Roses" or something similar. I'll check. :)

05-09-07, 16:54
I have the soundtrack from the first movie, I would of typed it out for you but Marija beat me to it!

05-09-07, 19:51
Everyone knows the song from TR2 but no one knows who sings it of what it's name is.