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05-09-07, 16:02
Okay so I had my second Fine Art Lesson today after starting in my new school for Year 10's and 11's (14-16 year olds) and the first lesson I felt wasn't really enjoyable as we had to draw the back of people's heads and then use different mark making techniques to add tone "with a PEN". It was so boring! But today we had to do a self portrait from a mirror AND draw everything behind the mirror in a WHITEBOARD PEN! I mean, how are we supposed to do it and not rub it out without lookin like a load of rubbish. Of course mine looked completely unexciting, it wasn't the worst, but I felt I could do much better. I love drawing in pen (Biro) if I am doodling and I can actually produce some neat things.

But the real problem is I love art, I love looking at it, I love drawing all kinds of things and I have been getting good grades for my previous work however I don't like and am not very skilled at painting, drawing in "whiteboard" pens or sticking bits of materials together. I just love drawing with pencils using tone but the sort of things we have done today in class are just not my thing, plus I think our teacher said it was coursework determining our final grade and I didn't feel I did well. We also had to do at least 3 homeworks from a sheet of about 11 to start our coursework over the summer invloving portraits and if you wanted to get a much higher grade you needed to do more, I did 5 and my family and friends think they are brilliant, I hope that can help my grade:(

Does anyone think I should have chosen another art type subject?

05-09-07, 16:06
No, definately not! You have to remember, arts a very broad subject
I'm in year 11 now, and at the beginning I thought id taken the wrong thing
But I love it now :)

You'll probably end up doing a subject you really like.
If you love art, then its a easy gcse grade to get!

And remember, the teachers have just come back from holiday
So they'll be like :(
And probably just wanna give you something to warm up on.
Don't worry :)

I took history aswell as art, and i HATE it. It used to be my favourite subject
Just give it sometime.
I'm sure it'll be ok :tmb:

05-09-07, 16:11
Hmm, well, if it helps, when i did art at GCSE i hated the classes and all the crap we did. However, i'm now doing it at A level and loving it, it's a really free subject. i s'pose it's just one of the subjects that gets better as you get older. Besides, our gcse class was full of morons -_-. I agree with Ladyknowles that the teachers have just come back from holidays like you, so the best thing is to allow yourself to settle in ;):)

05-09-07, 17:11
Okay cheers for the advice guys :tmb::) Maybe I should just wait and see how it goes

05-09-07, 19:19
It was your second lesson, don't expect to create great art the second you reach the classroom. Give it time, you'll slowly improve. And Art is a broad subject, concentrate on the things you can do and enojy, and experiment with new stuff ( you'll be surprised at how good you can adapt to new stuff and create something magnificent)

05-09-07, 19:51
Oo I start my First A level Art Lesson Tommorow! :jmp:

06-09-07, 14:59
Oo I start my First A level Art Lesson Tommorow! :jmp:

how did it go? there's only 5 people in my class, it's wicked :p