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06-09-07, 01:30
Hi there everyone. :wve:

It's been a while since I last made a thread about my first ever oil-painting. And after a long time I'm sharing my second oil-painting ever done.


Little recap, I've done acrylics before as you may remember, I hated it though. This one took about 6-8 hours I think.

Constructive criticisms welcomed. I'm thinking my fourth will be a scenic one from a Tomb Raider game, not sure which one though. :o :jmp:

06-09-07, 01:39
-jaw drops-

That's beautiful, Little-Lara. Spectacular work, what an awesome accomplishment. :tmb:

As far as constructive criticism, I can only pinpoint a few things. The tree in the lower left hand corner seems to throw off the perception of size throughout the image. Like, I keep thinking that the left hand tree and the middle tree are somewhat close to each other, but that sort of thinking makes the trees seem colossal. The left-hand tree is beautifully crafted, but I think it just off-sets some things.

The other thing I noticed was the shadow of the tree in the middle. It seems a bit "forced" into going one direction. Or the shadow seems the wrong shape. I think the shadow should be a bit more detailed or crafted instead of just a circle jutting out of the side of the tree, ya know?

That's pretty much it! Again, I really like this, I can't believe this is only your second oil painting (ever). My favorite parts of this are the mountain ranges and the reflection of the mounds in the water (the water is very well done, btw). Awesome job, I totally dig it. :D

Lonely Istari
06-09-07, 03:22
:yik: LL, that is beautiful!!

And you did that all in one setting?? awesome! I use oils as well, but it always takes me at least 3 settings becuase I have to let the paint dry before I can move on.

Great work! Its gorgeous! :tmb:

06-09-07, 03:25
Wow babe!! You definitely have an excellent eye for a landscape. Me likey very much! :tmb:

06-09-07, 04:33
Beautiful!! :jmp:

06-09-07, 06:24
Aww thanks to everyone for u'r comments and compliments...

Vespertea, yeah I just used up too much energy on the hills. Actually the trees nearly killed me, I was practically scavenging my whole house looking for tools to paint them. I guess u can tell the middle trees shadow is a big ball. Yeah I need to improve my measurements between placements of objects.

Lonely Istari, I did that in about 3 and a half settings actually but the total hours was about a full work day. Lol. That paint drying was absolute killer.

Sam, aww thanks I try, heheehe.

Fish, thanks :-)

06-09-07, 06:40
Now that is really beautiful indeed i love the colours. You manged to capture lots of detail.

06-09-07, 06:58
Wow!That looks splendid. I still have yet to try my hand at oil painting.:DI need to perfect myself before I start ruining things. Awesome work:tmb: I love the colors.:oThat would look great as children's book illustration(I'm saying this as a compliment:))

06-09-07, 07:00
/\ Ohh u should definitely jump right in, as opposed to getting u'r feet wet. ;) And thanks.

Jacob x5
06-09-07, 07:18
Wow, that's amazing! :eek: Really amazing work, Little-Lara. :tmb: :tmb:

06-09-07, 07:31
Wow Little lara, you seem to really have a talent for painting. Very nice landscape :tmb:
The title mentions 2nd painting, where's the first?

06-09-07, 07:44
Here u go, Jacen. Thanks, it was pretty hard. I went at it like performing surgery. I wanted to challenge myself to see how fast I could paint. whew... :p


from here:


Autolycus, I try. :)

Jacob x5, thanks.

06-09-07, 07:52
I remember this one. It's so beautiful:o.You're excellent at painting.:tmb:I absolutely adore that sky. Like I've said, you should consider illustrating books.:tmb: (I know that surgical feeling myself:DPaying attention to all the little details...really tiring sometimes.But worth it nonetheless)

06-09-07, 07:56
/\ I would loooove that, I thought about what u said. But I don't know where to begin....... maybe u should write a book and I can make u'r cover. We'll both add it to our portfolios & resumes. Hehhehee.

06-09-07, 08:23
That is beautiful. I can't think of anything else to say. Keep up the fantastic work!

We have so many talented people here at these forums.

Alex Fly
06-09-07, 09:45
Wow stunning ! :)

06-09-07, 09:47
I love it :tmb:

Melonie Tomb Raider
06-09-07, 11:29
Absolutely gorgeous! :tmb: You go girl. :jmp:

06-09-07, 11:56
Beautiful! :D

06-09-07, 15:06
Little-Lara that is BRILLIANT, i love it, it captures such tranquility and I am amazed at your talent....WHOAH well done

06-09-07, 16:12
You should be an artist, that just took my breath away! :yik:

06-09-07, 17:26
Beautiful paintings LL :tmb: you have a fabulous talent.

06-09-07, 18:18
Aha, well the first one is really stunning too. I especially like the cloud formations. Real pretty.

Lonely Istari
06-09-07, 19:37
Lonely Istari, I did that in about 3 and a half settings actually but the total hours was about a full work day. Lol. That paint drying was absolute killer.

ahh ;) I got ya. Nice stuff!

06-09-07, 21:15
I love the first one. The water effect & the sky. Just beautifull and awesome usage of colours :tmb:

The second one is good aswell. The clouds kinda have that disney'ish look in them and make the other half of the pic look a bit weird. Huh.. I dunno. But I like both of them!

Again. Really nice work :tmb:

06-09-07, 21:30
that is a flippin awesome painting you did there!!!

i think its perfect, the color and the glowy kind of affect of it looks really good:D


Yuna´s Wish
06-09-07, 22:31
Wow! :cln: Quite awesome :tmb:

07-09-07, 02:12
Awww thanks soo much everyone, I'm gonna consider all the comments and compliments u've suggested.

Jackali, yeah, so proud that we've got so much talent here. :D we're surrounded by them.

MickiZ, maybe I should try scetching out my ideas first, next time, cause that placement thing is a killer. :o

07-09-07, 05:17
Beautiful! :yik: