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Zac Medley
06-09-07, 14:59
I mentioned Hurricane Fran in the "Do you remember the 1990s" thread and it just dawned on me that not only is TODAY the 11th anniversary of it making landfall in the US, but it hit on a Thursday, and today is also Thursday.

I was at the beach in North Carolina when it hit, but I was way North of landfall so we didn't experience too much high wind or damage. It was the following Saturday as my wife and a very young Junebug drove back to Chapel Hill that we began to see absolute devastation from east of Raleigh and all the way home.

Fran hit at Wilmington and then took Highway 40 all the way to Durham/Chapel Hill.

That Saturday night I was so sick I slept like I was in a coma, and the following day my (ex-)wife decided to take off for her mom's place in Virginia because we had no power and no water. I Spent all Sunday night tuning up my chainsaw and getting ready for a trip into what looked like a war zone.

Next day I had no luck at all with the pathetic Homelite chainsaw I had, and found myself very soon at the hardware store $590 poorer and the proud owner of a Sthil 036 Pro chainsaw.

Oh man was that a trip. I never looked back. Thet chainsaw and a pickup truck were my constant companions for weeks after that. I remember it was like the whole world was running on testosterone and gasoline. Over the next ten years I easily made $59,000 dollars with that saw. I mention this because I was thinking about selling that chainsaw and took a picture to put on Craigs List:


I'm torn, such a trusted and dependable...err, if I say friend I'll sound weird. I'm not sure if I want to part with it, but if I ever use it again it will mean that I am working too hard. :confused:

06-09-07, 15:17
Yeah, the thread you mentioned was my thread, lol. :p

06-09-07, 15:18
:yik: How'd you make that much dosh with your chainsaw?

Zac Medley
06-09-07, 15:24
Cutting trees? Removing brush. Hauling loads to the landfill. I had 2-3 people working for me, so I cut the trees that were lying all over the place, my crew loaded it up. $35 per man-hour, 3 people, 8 hours a day - you're talking some serious money.

This is a heavily forested area, there are still places where you can see trees that were downed in the hurricane.

06-09-07, 15:27
Oh yeah, silly me :o

Hurricanes must cause some major damage, we don't have any weather like that here, thank goodness, I think if it did, we'd be washed right off the island. I hate hearing about them killing people, it's an awful force of nature :(

Zac Medley
06-09-07, 15:30
Well, considering what you're up against - rain, overcast, cloudy, damp, chilly weather - I'd take the occasional hurricane (Hugo and Fran being the worst) along with basking in the hot, sunny, warm, tropical, err, you get the idea.

06-09-07, 15:33
I don't know what you mean by warm, tropical, sunny. I don't think I've ever seen the sun lol

I'm very afraid of wind and flooding, I don't know why, ever since I was small I've been terrified of the wind, the floods are more recent fears for me, I think it's just the thought of drowning.