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06-09-07, 17:29
I had a voicemail at about 7:30 this morning from someone claiming to be from "world pay" asked for me by name said it was important but didn't say what it was regarding and that they would call back.

Have since had 4 calls while Ive been out from with held numbers but no more voicemails, so called play.com as i bought something from them a few days ago and they use world pay, was a little worried there may have been a problem with my payment ( not long got a new card, thought maybe id used the expired one by accident) but payment cleared, items been dispatched was no problems.

Thought it was a little bit fishy, i work for a bank and know worldpay would have no reason to contact me unless a payment bounced so i decided to call them direct.

Called worldpay up and have found out that all my payments have gone through fine and there UK office doesn't open until 8am so there is no way they could have called me at 7 30. She double checked the system and there is no log for me to be contacted, or any record of them trying to contact me. They searched the system and the last payment i made to them was yesterday which had no problems. They have advised i process a fraud report with my bank.

Apparently there is a case of people (not from world pay) phoning up and having a convo something along the following lines

fraud: Hi im calling from world pay can i speak to Claire xxxx please

Customer: Speaking

Fraud: you have recently made a payment online, using worldpay but unfortunately the payment has been unsuccessful.

Customer: really, there shouldn't be a problem with my account?

Fraud: its probably just a processing error on our part or some details being entered incorrectly when you made your order. im going to ask you for a few security details if that's ok

Customer : that's fine

Fraud: Can you confirm your middle name, date of birth and the first line of your address please

Customer :name dob address etc

Fraud: Thank you that all seems to be fine, is it possible you incorrectly entered your card number?...can you just confirm it for me please?

Customer: confirms card number

Fraud: and your expiry date?

Customer: confirms expiry date

Fraud: ah yes, that seems to have been the problem (taps away) let me just amend that.. ok that's fine, your payment has now processed and your order can be processed... sorry for any inconvenience

By this point they have all your details and have cloned your card! World pay suspect this is what they were going to try to do to me.

I have reported it to my bank who also said it sounds like a scam going round and have blocked all outgoing payments from my account tonight worldpay payments now have to be authorised by me on the phone by calling the bank and my account has been marked as high risk for fraudulent activityhttp://www.peugeot-cc.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif

I know it seems obvious not to give your card number out over the phone if someone calls you, but its surprising how many people will do if they believe its a reputable person calling, so just a reminder http://www.peugeot-cc.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/hi.gif

Legend of Lara
06-09-07, 17:32
Scammy scammy! :yik:

I, thankfully, live in Iceland, so I gues I'm safe from it. :D