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26-07-01, 11:23
The poor child is now stuck in the room with the quicksand. Cannot seem to get in the treetops to be able to go to the hole in the wall. I've tried it, he's tried it and even his sister did. All we succeeded in doing was getting frustrated. Is there an easier way to get the other Gate Key or is he stuck on this part of the game forever and cannot go any further?

26-07-01, 21:43
Ganges??? there is no quicksand on ganges - its all quad bike - unless you go right after you press the button to open the gate, in which case i dont know, ive never been down there

26-07-01, 23:45
When he went through the first gold gate, he took a right and then jumped across the river and then down into a tunnel that leads to several more gold gates.

27-07-01, 06:29
hi. I took this from the walkthrough and hope it helps you out. btw, instead of going right and jumping over the river, I took the high road (to the left) coz I'm after all the secrets. Enjoy! Marien
"8a. Quicksand Area by 2 Gates:Explore this area, and sooner or later you will find the quicksand. Kill the monkey. If you don't need the save game crystal right now, you can pick it up later. Just when you are about to give up from frustration, find the tall green pillar by the ledge opposite the quicksand side of the room and near the hole where you entered. You need to take a diagonal standing jump grab from the short green block by the ledge to the tall green block. Climb up and take a long running jump to the branch. From here you can jump to the wall on the quicksand side of the room.
9a. Courtyard with large Tree:From the wall, jump to the tree branch and jump to the next branch to reach the high ledge by the temple.There are several monkeys to take out in this area. Follow the ledge and enter the top floor of the temple. Explore the top floor and you will find a back room with the Gate Key, 1 rocket, and 2 Uzi clips. Drop through the hole in the floor to the bottom floor of the temple. Kill more monkeys and find the button by the exit door. (I am sorry but I am tired of counting monkeys.) The button opens the large gate on this side of the quicksand. Before you return to the quicksand area, get over to the high ledge by the gate. From the branch by the temple, take a long running jump grab to the ledge on the wall near the quicksand. From this ledge, take a diagonal running jump to the far ledge near the gate. Pick up 2 shotgun shells on the ledge. Return to the branches and return to the quicksand area. Drop thru the hole on the tree side of the quicksand area and back into the temple."

27-07-01, 13:32
Thank you. He got it. Now he is stuck at the end of this level trying to kill the man with the fire from his fingertips. He has gotten really frustrated. I tell you, this game is addictive even to adults.

27-07-01, 21:27
ok right so when you enter the room with the evil dude, on your left is a big platform which you can use to jump side to side while shooting at him.
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30-07-01, 09:18
Know what you mean...I went nuts trying to kill him with pistols ....had exhausted all my shotgun shells :D
Just an observation...If you kill Tony before he has a chance to laugh and cast that spell which turns the water into poison or something (possible if you use the cheat which combines the mp5 with the grenade launcher)...then Lara can swim around in the pool. If she climbs on the central platform where Tony was she floats around..pretty weird

01-08-01, 02:41
There's a sequence Tony follows while shooting fireballs at you. Look closely a few times and you'll get it. When you do, it'll be possible for you to time your sideflips and shoot at him during them. I killed him with pistols all the times I did tr3, but if you have the shotgun, don't go abt saving shells. You won't be in real need of them for some time after India.

05-08-01, 16:26
What I did when I killed was....When you slide down the slope Lara starts aiming at him before she gets to the bottom. You can probably get off at least two easy shots with the shotgun. Then after the big explosion I jumped to the platform to the left and ran all the way to the end of the platform, turned to face him, and then started jumping to the right. You can jump twice to the right and then jump twice to the left while shooting with the pistols. You'll have to time it with his blasts of fire. Don't forget the goodies on the other platforms!! Hope this helps.