View Full Version : Pictures??? Please help

07-09-07, 22:20
Hi again. This may sound like a dumb question, but how do I attach pictures/images to my posts???:confused:

07-09-07, 22:23
Upload pictures on ************ first :)

Press the little button with the mountains on and a yellow background

Copy and paste the URL...
ta da!

Legend of Lara
07-09-07, 22:23
Press the lovely little button that says "Insert Image". :D

(You'll need to host it on Photobucket (http://photobucket.com) or TinyPic (http://************) first. But don't use ImageShack!)

07-09-07, 22:59
Hey thanx! That advice has really set the ball rolling. You can expect to see plenty more of Earthcane in the Fanart section! Cheers!

07-09-07, 23:07
Just 1 other query, On photobucket when I was signing up, it wont accept my password.
What am I doing wrong??

08-09-07, 00:43
Perhaps you've put a symbol in it?

Photobucket only accepts alpha-numerical passwords :wve: