View Full Version : New ipods (nano and newly named 'classic') urm..ew! :(

08-09-07, 14:42
ok hold up....im usually so excited about new apple products because i LOVE the design of their latest products...sadly though, i really really dont like the newly redesigned ipod nano and classic, the shuffle has just had a pastel paint job and the other latest ipod isnt out till 28th sept but looks to be really good cos its basically the iphone but without the usless and stupidly expensive phone bit,

anyway, does anybody else share this view or are people hyped about the new design???

im just so shocked that i dont like a new apple product, i dunno what to do with myself! im holding onto my 1st gen ipod nano.

08-09-07, 15:04
Apple products = overpriced and underpowered. iPhone anyone?

08-09-07, 15:21
gr8 thx, brilliant reply to my thread...

08-09-07, 15:22
How about this:


08-09-07, 15:25
Apple products = overpriced and underpowered. iPhone anyone?


I haven't got an iPhone, but I'm willing to bet it'll be some half-arsed attempt to cobble together two pieces of technology with a touch screen added that will end up a seriously smudged piece of utter rubbish. I don't do touch screens, I prefer 'tactile response', also known as 'buttons'.

I do have one of the old iPod Nanos though, and it seems to be lasting. I also purchase off iTunes a lot, as I'm with Tiscali who don't let me use Limewire during peak hours. Of course, it costs money, but it is (shock horror) legal.

08-09-07, 15:30
^ You were right ;) http://www.winsupersite.com/reviews/iphone_07.asp

08-09-07, 15:35
^ You were right ;) http://www.winsupersite.com/reviews/iphone_07.asp

I really agree with the last sentence: 'The iPhone is awesome. There's just one problem: You don't need it'

I read a slightly different review, but I wouldn't be allowed to post the link here! Needless to say, it was hilarious.

08-09-07, 15:47
I cringed when I saw the new iPods. Especially the Nanos. They're like short and fat versions of the original ones. I still have a "classic"... Well, the old version of the 20GB. The only thing I've ever hated about iPods is how they just freeze up sometimes, and of course the awful battery life. They're just so handy... :o

08-09-07, 15:54
They're just so handy... :o

Yep. School, train, work, funeral, wedding, car, boat, plane, church . . . one of the best thing about the iPod is that I don't have to listen to other people. Cruel but true.

08-09-07, 16:31
They SUCK!!!! :mad:

08-09-07, 16:50
Meh there not my taste... But I'm not buying one and i dont have one so i really dont think i have any room to throw in insults or opinions until i actually try these new oneso ut :)

08-09-07, 17:35
I love my iPod (nano) and can't go anywhere without it. Sound quality is amazing and it's really pretty! :D
As for the latest ones- I'm definately considering getting the new nano as I need more capacity; 4 GB is simply not enough any more.

08-09-07, 17:41
i'm hyped up about the new firmware of the new ipods, but not too keen on the design.

but i'm getting the classic 80gb soon. :)