View Full Version : England v Isreal

08-09-07, 15:18
Who's going to be watching? I always tell myself i'm not going to bother because we're always rubbish, but always end up doing so as, well, it's patriotic isn't it.

Think we might scrape a win.

08-09-07, 15:26
is that a friendly match or is it counting to the European Cup qualifying?
Portugal is going to play with Poland... so we will surely loose...

how's the english team? is Rooney still injured?

08-09-07, 17:37
england is winning so far 3-0
Wright-phillips 20
Owen 49
Wichards 66

tlr online
08-09-07, 17:38
England should breeze through this game.

08-09-07, 18:01
We're going to win the world cup now!

08-09-07, 18:07
A review. :)

England needed to win this game, with four teams with high hopes of qualifying the group, England needed to prove that they will be the ones to qualify. Although with many players out, England still had a strong team.

England proved today that they have what it takes to qualify, with good build up play, the two wide players causing havoc for the Israel defence. Heskey was questionned about his place in the team but today proved he can still do a job and constantly helped with the long balls to the penalty area. Wright-Phillips scored a great goal showing the confidence he has with being reguarly picked by Chelsea. Michael Owen appears to finally be fully fit and showed it with a wonderful strike from outside the box. And a third goal by Richards who may challenge Gary Neville for that RB place.
Israel didnt play as well as some people expected, their recent record has been good but today were outplayed. A strong display by England which should encourage them for the Russia game on this wednesday.

England 3 Israel 0