View Full Version : Trapped in the Drive-Thru - "Weird Al" Yankovic (Doogtoons)

08-09-07, 15:47
the reall song is called traped in the closet by r-kelly but this vid is really funny sorry if this has ben posted befour:o


just incase you want to see R-KELLYS here this is vid is so silly:rolleyes:


08-09-07, 17:00
Seen it, loved it. :D

He gives the sense of boredom so well in that vid. :D :vlol:

Legend of Lara
08-09-07, 17:03
I LOVE that video! :D

"You can have unlimited refills, for just a quarter more."
"Well, that's great, except we're in the drive-thru, so what would I want that for?"


08-09-07, 18:35
This is my favourite song by Weird Al :) The rhymes are genius :D

08-09-07, 19:03
:vlol:Loved it!Thanks for posting!:)

Agent Dee
08-09-07, 19:16
yah, i posted the original one, i agree it is one of Al's best ones yet. i noticed that in the last 3 albums he would do one REALLY long song at the end of or near the end of his albums.

Straight Out Of Lynwood "Trapped In The Drive Thru" 10m55sec
Poodle Hat "Genius In France" 8min56sec
Running With Scissors "Albuquerque" his longest at 11min23sec :cln:

08-09-07, 22:36
Seen it here actually ( I think) :jmp: very funny. Weird Al is very talented.

08-09-07, 23:42
Wow, Could Weird Al get any weirder? :D