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09-09-07, 08:35

I need your help. My fantail goldfish seems poorly. :( It can't stop floating. It tries it little hardest to swim downwards but then always just float back to the top of the tank again. Is it going to die? I don't want it to die. Any advice?


09-09-07, 08:40
Go to the vet.It doesn't sound very good.

09-09-07, 09:14
sounds like it has swim bladder disease

"Swim bladder disease is a multifactorial illness which primarily affects ornamental goldfish which have globoid body shapes, like orandas, ryukins, and fantails. It most often presents as a fish which floats at the surface, or a fish which stays on the bottom and doesn't seem to be able to easily rise."

In my experiance i have never had a fish survive swim bladder, its ususally caused by stress or poor water quality.

Here are a few tips on treetments i found on the net if you want to try them.

Feed your fish a couple of peas. That's right, peas. Just get some frozen peas, thaw them, and feed them to your fish. A professor of fish medicine at N.C. State College of Veterinary Medicine has done this in several cases with very good results. He thinks that the peas somehow encourage destruction of the impaction. No hard scientific data yet, but it's worth a try.
Fast your fish for a couple of days. Withhold all food for three or four days, and sometimes this alone will break up the impaction and return things to normal. Most fish can go a week to ten days without food and be just fine.

09-09-07, 16:12
Thanx Claire. I'll starve them for a week and then give them some peas. I hope he is ok.

09-09-07, 19:31
keep us posted!

Get well soon fishy

09-09-07, 22:11
Wow, for some strange reason I thought you mean like the candy 'fantails'. O.o odd.

I hope your fishy gets better!

10-09-07, 08:56
That's awful news, I hope he gets better soon :hug:

10-09-07, 15:55
You could also try a partial water change. there may be something in the water doing it.

Hope he gets better.