View Full Version : Does GIMP carry any risks?

09-09-07, 13:22
Im talking of course about GNU Image Manipulation Program. I ask because I've been thinking about downloading it for a long time (I want a digital colouring programme badly :D). Problem is there's only one family computer in my house and I wouldn't want to risk downloading anything which could damage our files.

Can anyone who uses GIMP let me know how its working out for you? Or of any alternatives?

Thanks a mil :hug:

Alex Fly
09-09-07, 13:25
The Gimp is an excellent freeware program, I highly recommand it. You'll have no problem with it. :tmb:

09-09-07, 13:29
I have no problems with it. It's pretty simple to use and you can do quite a bit of stuff with it. You'll enjoy it. :tmb:

09-09-07, 13:56
Thx to Alex_Fly, I use it and I like it! Very useful!

09-09-07, 14:08
It's great! No problems with it! :D

09-09-07, 14:25
nope, no risks, and it's a great program, I also highly recommend it :)

09-09-07, 14:34
Thanks for the feedback. Now all I have to do is convince the overlord (ie: my Dad :D) :wve:

10-09-07, 12:02
Sorry for the bump but...SUCCESS! I now have The Gimp, now all I have to do is figure out how to use it :D Thank you guys.

Zac Medley
10-09-07, 12:06
Be patient with it. If you are accustomed to MS paint it will take a while to get used to. It is well worth the effort because it is incredibly powerful. The GIMP site can direct you a a whole host of user group support and tutorials.

10-09-07, 13:43
Yeah, I must say its a big change from what Im used to. But Im checking the tutorials frequently so hopefully it will do some good :)