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09-09-07, 17:23
When I was banned a few months ago (Don't worry, I've learnt my lesson :D ) there were some topics for each Tomb Raider game in each forum, where the object was to give more appropriate names to Tomb Raider levels. I thought some of the ideas were really clever and funny, and I wanted to post in the topics, but I was banned.

So I'm reviving the idea, but as just one topic where we can cover whichever games we want. Let's begin!

Tomb Raider 1

-The Brightest Caves Ever
-There's a city? Where?
-Dinosaur Hotel
-The really tall tower that serves no purpose.
-The Monkey Pit
-Was the first switch up or down? Damnit, I'll have to go look at that door again.
-Rats on Steroids
-Tihocan must be really annoyed about his tomb having a sewer built over it.
-The Sandy Hodgepodge
-Put the crap from the big obelisk on the little obelisk.
-No fair! They took my guns! Good thing there are no enemies here...
-Bacon City

Tomb Raider 1 Gold

-Wetter, Sandier, Faster!
-Bacon Shopping Centre
-Empty Eggs?

10-09-07, 16:11
This topic fell down the list really quickly! Is it okay if I revive it?

Tomb Raider 2
-The Wall in my Back Garden is Greater
-Filthy Water
-"Yeah, Lara! Bomb Your Way Through!"
-Venice Opera House - Now With Paddling Pool
-No Guns Again!
-Back and Forth, Back and Forth...
-More Aggrophobia!!!
-SS. Unsinkable
-Lara On Stage
-The Dryest Shipwreck Ever
-Chavs Vs. Goths
-"They probably don't like being so cold all the time!"
-"I shouldn't like it either!"
-Are We There Yet?
-Going Green
-Dragon's Crib, Yo
-Lara's Crib, Yo

Tomb Raider 2 Gold
-Ice Ice Baby
-Santa's Workshop?
-Solid Yellow Goo
-If You Go Down to the Woods Today...
-Heartbreak Hotel

Yes, I went a bit mad with quotes from Legend. But they work so well... :D

Legend of Lara
10-09-07, 17:26
Heeyy... I did a thread like this once to make fun of Legend. :mad: :p

I got only one.

Le Serpent Rouge- Le Serpent Bleu. :D

10-09-07, 19:37
Which ones did you do for the Legend levels, then? At the moment, all I can think of is "Green Hill Zone" for Bolivia.

Legend of Lara
10-09-07, 21:42
Which ones did you do for the Legend levels, then? At the moment, all I can think of is "Green Hill Zone" for Bolivia.

Hang on, I'll search for it. :)

(Gawd, I love the search function!)

10-09-07, 21:56
Tomb Raider 3:
1. The Lion Sleeps Tonight...
2. Temple Numero Ciento y Tres
3. But The River Looks So Inviting!
4. Claustrophobic's Nightmare

5. *WHOOOOSH!!!* What the hell was THAT?!?!
6. Gun Nuts Anonymous, Provided Courtesy of Military Police
7. Home of the Tardis, the ICBM, and Those Weird Laser Thingys

South Pacific Islands:
8. Paradise, Trouble in
9. Lara vs. T-Rex, Re-Match Number Three!
10. Savage, carnivore-infested river rapids. Comes with free kayak!
11. Wait... This is a Temple?

12. "Watch Out For That First Step" - Friendly reminder from the people at Core
13. Ald-wich. No, wait, all-dweek. Wait, hold on, ohl-du... oh, forget it!
14. Big, Annoying, Winding, Mazelike Factory Level
15. The Epic Conflict (more or less)

16. Snow Hard with a Vengeance
17. Roller Coasters of Death (Shotgun!)
18. I Know What You Did Last Winter.
19. "Whoops!" "Wait!" "Huh?" "Come On!" "****!" - The Many Expletives of Meteorite Cavern

Bonus Level:
20. That Impossible Level They Replaced With Another Impossible Level


1. "The Big Rock"
2. Of Mercenaries and Men
3. Do it in Japan: 007 Style!
4. I always mess up the swan dive!
5. Mercenaryopolis
7. That Place Kind of Like Tibet in TR2, and Antarctica in TR3 (but doesn't really feel like it)
8. "I Suppose I Can Forgive You For Trying To Kill Me... Just One More Time... "

11-09-07, 15:44
Here are my Legend ones:

-Green Hill Zone
-Peru Again?
-Everyone In Japan Has A Skyscraper
-Squeals on Wheels
-Is nice!
-Can We Visit The Gift Shop?
-More Snow, More Backstory

(Sorry if I'm posting a bit too much, but I really don't want this topic to die on me.)

Legend of Lara
11-09-07, 17:00
I found my post. :)

CD should've put these names into Legend: ;)


Boredom Lookout (beginning)
Genero-corridor (temple)
Wack-a-clone (goon fight)


Gooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!! (town)
Random Shooting Fun (motorbike)
Welcome to Silent Hill (flashback)
Drippy Dog (everything else)


Porn Party (party)
X... Square... O (rooftops and motorbike)
The Office (the bit until the boss fight)
Circular Exitement Battle (boss)


Linear Puzzle Waterfall (until she gets into the temple)
Oh lewk, it's Wutwand!!! (temple)
Shoot shoot grapple shoot shoot grapple shoot... (boss)


Croft... Lara Croft (opening)
ZzzZZZzzzzZZZ... (motorbike)
Shocking (pun intended) Reunition (everything until the boss)
Look at the Pretty Turret!!! (boss)


Lectur'd! (museum)
Forklift FURY!!! (warehouse)
Hello Kitty (tomb and boss)
Run Awaaaaaaaay... (escape)


This Game is a Plane Crash (beginning and plane crash)
Linearity-r-Us (getting to the temple)
Bland Enviroments a plenty (temple)

Bolivia Redux-

Faceless Merc Bash!!! (merc battle)
Catfight... Get the Camera (vs Amanda)

:D Now aren't those GREAT names?!? :D