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09-09-07, 21:47
Hey again. Posting some more pics from my fictional universe, based on Greco-Roman Myths.( for more on this, see my Mars, Titan post.) Below is a picture of the infamous Minotaur of Crete:


I'm fascinated with the whole idea of the Greek Gods and Godesses of Mt. Olympus. Below is a rough concept sketch of what i envision Saturn, God of Agriculture, to be:


Since he is the God of Agriculture, I thot an ox matches his temperment best.
I have ideas for Terminus, Roman God of Boundaries coming soon.
Im stuck on Diana/Artemis, the Godess of Hunting. Since most of my Gods are based on Safari animals, or animals you'd find in the jungle, I thot a Cheetah would match her profile. Any ideas?

This is a pic of a character from another idea I have, based on a Jedi from Clone Wars:



10-09-07, 05:19
Liked the Minotaur, it fascinates me how you only need a pen, to make such great work. :D :tmb:

10-09-07, 07:39
Really like those sketches :tmb:

10-09-07, 09:08
Nice Drawing especiaslly the last one. :)

10-09-07, 09:11
Lookin' good :tmb:

10-09-07, 10:23
Cool :D