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Lara's Backpack
10-09-07, 00:15
If there are any other people here that are learning or can speak Japanese, I wonder if you could help me with this little segement of my speaking exam notes. I cant take the notes in with me but at least I can learn a few responses to questions that might be asked.

Anyway, I'd be very apprieciative if someone could just quickly check what I've already done then help me to add "Apart from Computer game's I enjoy Gymnastics and train on tuesday's and fridays." I could get most of that myself, but I dont know how to link the two statements together with 'apart from' Cheers.

3) Conpyuta- Gamu o shikoto desu. Ichiban Conpyuta- Gamu wa Tomb Raider toyu Conpyuta- Gamu desu. Hookago Conpyuta- Gamu o shimasu. Go jin kare roku jin made. Tokidoki otooto to Conpyuta- Gamu o ****e, demo, taitei hitori de shimasu. Shyuumatsu no Conpyuta- Gamu o shimasen. Arubaito o shinakerabanarimasen kara. Conpyuta- Gamu ga dekimasen. Anata no Shumiwa, Gymnastics.

(Oh and sorry for the romaaji :p)