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10-09-07, 18:48

Once more I brave the fathomless depths of my audio files to bring you the gungiest, most gruesome outtakes known to raiderkind. Life doing voiceovers doesn't always go to plan....

The horror.... the HORROR!!! http://getmesmileys.com/smilies/evilgrin0041.gif

Right about... now? (http://milward.org.uk/jenni/audio/Dizzy%20line%2010%20spoofed.mp3)

Ohh... damn I wish I could swear (http://milward.org.uk/jenni/audio/George%20Croft%20blood%20patch%203%20spoofed.mp3)

Normal? What's that? (http://milward.org.uk/jenni/audio/jaysenryan%205%20spoofed.mp3)

It's hammering Jim, but not so's the listener would hear (http://milward.org.uk/jenni/audio/jaysenryan%207%20spoofed.mp3)

Vacation? I certainly need a holiday at this rate (http://milward.org.uk/jenni/audio/jaysenryan%209%20spoofed.mp3)

Laboratory (http://milward.org.uk/jenni/audio/Kimon%202%20spoofed.mp3)

Of instead of in (http://milward.org.uk/jenni/audio/Zac%20RTK%20line%203%20spoofed.mp3)

Note: secure microphone cover properly before commensing recording (http://milward.org.uk/jenni/audio/Zolee%20Legend%20Remake%20line%205%20spoofed.mp3)

10-09-07, 18:54
Ohhhh ..........flip.

Hehehe, some great ones in there for "My collection" ;)

10-09-07, 18:59
:vlol: Your voice sounds just like Lara's ! Anyway, that's great, thanks for sharing.

10-09-07, 19:01
:D Thats hilarious.

Thanks for sharing Jenni. :wve:

10-09-07, 19:03
It is very fun :jmp::jmp:

I prefer the french voice of Lara hihi She's very cool.

But I like the english voice too, and yours is almost identical.


Can you say :

Thank you James Croft, see you in our next adventure.


Last Angel
10-09-07, 19:09
haha loved it!
i agree with Marija you do sound like Lara

10-09-07, 19:11
Love them all! :D

Tomb Raider fachhchc :p