View Full Version : Wow this is soo thrilling!!!

10-09-07, 23:52
Ive just recieved an invite from some sort of program that allows students to learn in another country, in my case Austrailia. It is for the summer for 15 days. I really want to do it but i dont know the price yet but i can bet that it will be expensive.

10-09-07, 23:53
Sounds awesome! Do you think you will actually go? I most likely would back out thinking that i would miss my family and friends xD

10-09-07, 23:53
sounds cool have fun:D

why dont yo send them back and ask them?

10-09-07, 23:54
Cool! :tmb:

10-09-07, 23:58
I used to get invited to those things all the time, but never went. Last year I was THIS close to doing one that was in Japan. I wish I would've done it!

11-09-07, 00:00

Once here you'll never want to go home!


Some sort of exchange student program is it? Sounds cool :wve:

11-09-07, 00:11
Thanks for all your replies!!! I dont know if i should ask, im already going to Mexico with my school next spring break, i feel like im asking waay to much.

11-09-07, 00:36
i got invited once last year, and it turn out to be 4000$+ for that trip (and u have to do works during the trip) mine was around Europe tour.

11-09-07, 00:39
what do you mean by works.

11-09-07, 01:41
Sounds pretty cool :). I got one in my Freshman year in my mailbox... I couldn't go due to the $5000 fee, unfortunately.

11-09-07, 01:52
A studying abroad program. Very cool :) Definitely go for it if you can.

11-09-07, 02:47
Oh me too you know.. I was going to USA :D buuut yeah...:(

11-09-07, 10:57
That's really cool :D