View Full Version : How Did You Feel About CD's Takeover?

11-09-07, 16:30
Just wondering how you guys reacted when you heard that Tomb Raider games were no longer going to be made by Core Design and instead by Crystal Dynamics. Were you excited to see what sort of changes were going to be made? Or were you a bit dissapointed because they may not make it the same? Remember we had no Tomb Raider Legend back then (before the very first trailer also) and we had no idea what was going to happen or what the games were going to be like:) And also how do you feel NOW after playing tow of their games

I didn't really know that CD were taking over until I saw the very first trailer so I can't really answer:(

edit:And also how do you feel NOW after playing tow of their games....(good point Melonie Tomb Raider:tmb:

Melonie Tomb Raider
11-09-07, 16:31
I don't remember exactly how I felt, but I'm pretty sure I was open to it.

Mona Sax
11-09-07, 16:32
Nothing at all - I'd never played one of CD's games before, so I had no expectations.

11-09-07, 16:34
I was glad they were continuing the series, but still knew I would miss Core.

Melonie Tomb Raider
11-09-07, 16:35
I guess a good question to raise is what did we think after playing CD's version of Tomb Raider.

To answer that myself, I am quite pleased. TRL was flawed in many ways, but it was a step in the right direction. TRA, on the other hand, was absolutely phenominal. :tmb:

11-09-07, 16:39
I had no thoughts - It was just oh, well, ok - We'll see how would it look like :p

I hope this thread is not going to be one of those Core/CD bashing :( :pi:

Mad Tony
11-09-07, 16:40
I wasn't really too keen on AoD, so I didn't really pay attention to the new developments of the series.

I am completely apposed to CD making 'Tomb Raider' games at present time.

11-09-07, 16:42
I was happy to see some change after AOD. Even though I loved the game, i felt that the Core team were just to worn-out to complete a great trilogy.:wve:

11-09-07, 16:43
Felt kinda sad for Core as they weren't able to finish what they started. And I had serious doubts about Crystal as I knew what games they had developed. But meh.. I just wanted a new TR game & fast. So I was happy that the series would continue.

11-09-07, 16:44
To be honest, nothing at that point. It was a time in my life when I wasn't really thinking about TR. A time when I wasn't online.

TR6 came out, and I played and completed it a few times happy enough... I never really read PS magazines or searched for TR on websites - so the first I heard about Crystal was when I picked up a mag about legend.
Then I wasn't overkeen, as the preview kept making allusions to Prince of Persia (which I wasn't keen on back then) and talked about autograb frequently, which I never liked the idea of. I like that grabbing interaction, I didn't like when it was removed.

That's about all really, initially.

11-09-07, 16:44
I didn't know much about CD so I didn't really care. I was just stoked another TR game was out.

Minty Mouth
11-09-07, 16:48
Actually I'd never played a TR game before CD took over. My first was Legend, but I have played some of Core's games since then though, and although I love it aswell as Anniversary, I think the game would be better off if it was still in Core Design's hands.

I also think it was unfair to take the game from Core. AoD (Which I'm guessing is the big push that forced Eidos to give it to CD) was their first effort on the PS2, and Its easy to tell that the following TR games would have been much better. I have played AoD and it is one of my favourite Tomb Raider games, I have no doubt I would have enjoyed the games Core would have made more than I did Legend and Anniversary.

11-09-07, 17:09
I didn't even know that CD took over till I actually finished Legend, lol!

Tomb Raider Master
11-09-07, 17:11
A bit skeptic, I have to admit. I hope that will be corrected as the new TR games are released.

11-09-07, 17:18
When I first found out I was shocked but not really that sad either. I was open to new ideas and I still am, however Crystal has been a great disappointment to me so far. If I'd have known what I do now, I wouldn't have been so happy to go along for the ride in the run up to Legend.

11-09-07, 17:34
Relief. After AOD the series seemed to be beyond hope.

11-09-07, 17:35
I didn't even know that CD took over till I actually finished Legend, lol!


11-09-07, 17:53
I was extremely ****ed off.

11-09-07, 17:55
I didn't care. After AOD I wouldn't even care if Nintendo continued the series and turned it into a super Mario game.:p

11-09-07, 17:59
Didn't bother me in the slightest. It's only a developer.

11-09-07, 18:36
I didn't even know that CD took over till I actually finished Legend, lol!

Yeah same I though Core had just changed there name.

11-09-07, 18:39
At first i was sceptical, then when i played it

I was suicidal :vlol:

11-09-07, 18:40

I seriously was like: "Wow, they changed the game so much... and Lara... Wait, this doesn't even continue AoD... And they changed their logo too... *logs on forum to search for an answer* Core??? Who are they? *looks at AoD CD cover* Oh... that explains it..." XD

Eddie Haskell
11-09-07, 18:41
All I know is I received Legend, started to play it, realized something was horribly wrong, went online to investigate just what the **** happened to the game I always liked, and discovered...well...this forum and the truth!

11-09-07, 18:42
Did you join here around then Eddie?

Eddie Haskell
11-09-07, 18:44
Did you join here around then Eddie?

Yep, right after I played Legend.

Well, I should point out that I checked out many other TR forums and all were kind of pathetic compared to this one. I lurked for a while then joined and posted.

11-09-07, 18:45
Well, between 2002-2006, I wasn't very "game-active." My first five Tomb Raider games, among many other PS1 games, were stored under my sister's bed.

When my brother first got a PS2, I played it quite bit, but admittedly, my TR 1-5 were copies at the time, so obviously I couldn't play them. ;) My brother briefly bought AOD, which I enjoyed immensely, even if I only got to Bouchard's Hideout.

With no access to the internet or game mags, I had no idea what was happening in the TR world.

Along comes 2006. I re-discover my lovely TR 1-5 and play with joy. I typed Tomb Raider into Google . . . What's this? Tomb Raider Legend. I read up on everything, joined this forum, etc. I was surprised that the company was different, but not really upset.

Of course now, I'm not overly keen on CD being in charge. :(

11-09-07, 18:48
Didn't care love core/crystal

troy tr
11-09-07, 18:56
I read in a gaming mag that Eidos fire Core and handed it to CD. I was half devastated but try to accept CD nonetheless. THeir first and second trailer blew me away, but when it came to actual product, it's anything but a tr for dimwits. It was horrible.

But then I played tra and the levels are great but Lara still is not Lara, she's lame.

11-09-07, 19:30
Hmm, I joined when I was replaying Legend for the gillionth time... :pi: :vlol: