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11-09-07, 20:59
Heya, :D

I haven’t been here in a while, due to a bunch of annoying stuff, but am temporarily back.

I’ve recently posted a new story on fanfiction.net and – as it’s about Tomb Radier – thought that you guys might like it read it. It's takes places after AOD and does include Kurtis. But for all those anti-Kurtis GROKers, who may be deterred by the thought of another Kurtis/Lara story, I assure you that Mr Trent does get the hell beaten out of him on more than one occasion.

It's been rated K, though that may change as the story progresses. It's only 600 words so far.

I would love to know what you think of it. If its any good then I’ll keep on writing, but if it sucks, please tell me and I’ll quit while I’m ahead.


Here's a little summary: :p

A ruthlessly hunted Lux Veritatis warrior awakes to unfamiliar surroundings and struggles to establish who he is and what’s happened to him. Takes places after AOD. LC and KT.

And a little excerpt: :p

White mist….something that lingered relentlessly on the fringes of his mind, never shifting no matter how hard he shook his head. It swathed his senses in a thick veil of suffocating uncertainty. Every so often a bundle of muted noises traumatized him and the haze would dissipate slightly; though his mind was so groggy, that attempting to fathom them was next to impossible; “Ffffwake urrp… waaake urrp…”

21-09-07, 20:11
Since nobody has responded to this thread, (which is kinda disheartening:() would one of the Mods be so kind as to delete it from existence? It’s taking up unnecessary space, after all.:p

21-09-07, 20:14
God,I read this some time ago and I leapt over the posting part by mistake:(I'm so sorry.I wanted to say that you have such an amazing talent at writing.I would love to read more from you:hug:

21-09-07, 21:06
Aww thank you.:hug: I think I suck at writing, but hell we all have our own opinions. ;)Oh and likewise with your artwork…you have quite a talent. (Been browsing your artwork bin).
Your ability to convey energy and movement is top notch and I can’t really fault your study of the horse. :tmb: I’m regretting taking art at A level though. The work load is painful!!

21-09-07, 21:13
I'm harsh with my work too.and that feeling of being unsatisfied will never fade:o.But it forces us to work harder. I perfectly understand the painfulness of art.I go to an art school and the schedule is very cramped up.Plus,I will have to work overtime and in weekends there,not to mention my own work at home.But it's worth it. I really meant what I said about your writing.I certainly want too see more of your work:).I'm not a harsh critique, but I know talent.Do you have drawings too?(I saw the you want to become a comic illustrator.me too)I'm sure you're awesome at those.:D(oh and my bin is pretty messed up, but I think there is a draw on each page, with a few exceptions)

22-09-07, 00:42
All he knew at this time was pain - a relentless sensation he’d been forced to endure for the past however long he’d been here…. How long had he been here? Days? Weeks? Pfft, the passage of time was lost on him. He knew was the mist and its two forms that he seemed to lapse amid. One mist – the white kind in which he was currently floating, - he’d grown to loathe and the other was an epilogue to the pain, an escape to absolute nothingness, where all confusing noises were silenced and the pain was ceased. He liked that mist. Liked it a lot

Since nobody has responded to this thread, (which is kinda disheartening) would one of the Mods be so kind as to delete it from existence? It’s taking up unnecessary space, after all.

Wait, hold the phone, I'm responding!

You think you suck at writing? :o Seriously? OMG, that was really heavy stuff!
Would put Jo Rowling to shame. Dark, gory, and mysterious- all the key ingredients for a great piece of storytelling! :D:D;););)

By the way, I never foinished AOD so I dunno what happens to Kurtis yet. All I know is that he is the son of Eckhardt's arch-nemesis, or sumthin.

Hey guys, I'm really interested in writin my own TR fan-fic, any tips?
Its not that im afraid of any one stealin my ideas or anything, I just dont want to ost it on the site you posted, yet.
Any tips??

BTW, Ashnar, I guess every artist is critical of thir own work. But you have some raw talent, so dont hold youself back.

Cant wait to see more work from you guys, and maybe you'll see some of my own in the near future, too! :ton:

Cheers, Bye for now.

22-09-07, 12:14
Earthcane thank yee for such a kind review! :hug:I have no idea where I’m going with it plot-wise, except that there is going be more torture in store for a certain Lux Warrior. And for advice on writing fiction, I’m pretty sure there’s a thread around here somewhere which has some awesome pointers.:p;)

22-09-07, 13:13
Oh yeah, I'm just after reading some of it. Some really good pointers there.
Hey, keep it up, okay? I'll be posting some stuff soon.

22-09-07, 13:26
I can hardly wait to see what you come up with Erathcane.I'm sure it will end up great.You too Hazel.You've impressed me with your skill in word manip.I'll support you both in your future work:hug:

22-09-07, 17:46
I can hardly wait to see what you come up with Erathcane.I'm sure it will end up great.You too Hazel.You've impressed me with your skill in word manip.I'll support you both in your future work:hug:
I appreciate that. However, dont think i'll be posting anything just yet. Ive got a lot on my plate ( just starting college).
So I wanna wait until I have a really good idea put together, rather than an unfinished
mediocre piece of fiction.

22-09-07, 18:20
I perfectly understand that Earthcane. I myself also write fan fics as well as personal ideas, but I take time with what I do. Plus, I'm going to a vocational art school, which means extra hours of work more than in other schools. I am also not very sure on whether I will post or not. I may share with certain people.But it's been a few months since I've written anything.Drawing consumes my nerves.Good luck on starting college by the way:tmb:

23-09-07, 13:19
‘Unfinished mediocre piece of fiction.’ Lol :p Most people including famous writers start off with a vague idea that changes a lot as the story progresses.

An old story I wrote with a friend about 2 years ago, is still unfinished and god has the concept behind that piece changed drastically!

A tip is to make notes as you go along…(i find this very helpful) ...inspiration can appear in the strangest of forms. I get some of mine from conversations with friends in college, through reading comics (yes I am sad), or reading other people’s fanfics.;)

Oh, and as I’m also busy with college and because my muse seems to have escaped from its cage and hasn’t returned yet, I may take a while to update the story.:hea:

If anyone has any ideas as to where I could take this story, then PM me or something.:D

23-09-07, 13:34
lol Hazel, that's how things go for me too when i write or draw. Inspiration comes from anywhere, at any time(even in the middle of the night.especially then actually) and I often change as I go. As for your fan fic. I'll think about it and PM you the ideas if they come along. ;)

star girl
23-09-07, 15:14
I used to have crazy ideas at crazy times, and I coped with them by grabbing a piece of paper and instantly relieving myself of it.. Now what happens is that my mind is like barren land ..... But when I encourage myself just to start writing, then all sorts of crazy ideas whiz around my mind.. :) Then all I have to do is just nail them down :) With a boatload of practice (thankfully), my descriptive writing gives me no problems.. So it's more on the ideas I focus on :)