View Full Version : Looking for a Song!

12-09-07, 01:19
Hello everyone :)
I am looking for a recent song I like, but I only remember the video clip: it is actually a reversed video where a girl is waiting for a guy in a public garden/park, he comes, hugs her, they spin together then he leaves her and walks home and at the end he drops his shirt in the street. The video clip is in color but shots of the singer are in Black 'n' White. I only remember one sentence from the song at the very beginning "Baby, don't you worry...[something] to me" :o:confused:

Thank you very much in advance :hug:

PS. It's not "Tyrese - Taste My Love" I've already checked :D

18-09-07, 12:56
I know much about songs and clips. But sorry, I don't know with one you mean.

18-09-07, 14:54
Heres a link. Just click search. Artist and Lyrics. Hope this helps ;)