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12-09-07, 17:00
This one is partly inspired by Of Combine And Men (http://comics.phwonline.com/archive/ocm/12/) by Glitch, Near Elite and HappyDevil.

My other comics can be found on my homepage (http://ferroequinologist.de/comics), my DeviantArt account (http://zcochrane.deviantart.com/) and somewhere in this forum, too, if you dig long enough.

I always get asked how I made these. Well, it's easy: I wrote my own program to do the posing, then put it all together with Photoshop. And yes, you can have the program, just write me a PM. Beware, though: It only works on Macs (Mac OS X 10.4 required).

Credit: Tomb Raider and all that is part of it (levels, objects and so on) © Core Design, Fonts by Blambot (http://www.blambot.com/).

12-09-07, 17:05
:vlol: Loved it, Cochrane! Especially the last frame!

Alex Fly
12-09-07, 17:10
Lol !!! Excellent work ! :D
I love the one when the guy is fighting the poor Winston. :vlol:

Just wondering... Which font did you use for your comic (the dialogues for example) ? I was searching a sort of font like this for a personal project. :)

12-09-07, 17:15
Digital Strip. For the record, the few sound effects (The guy going zzzz… and the dogs making Woof and Grrr) are Oh Crap, and the headline is Radioactive Granny. All those fonts can be downloaded for free from http://www.blambot.com/. There are also many more high-quality comic fonts on there, so you should really check it out.

Alex Fly
12-09-07, 17:17
Thank you ! :hug:

12-09-07, 17:35

12-09-07, 17:41
i sure don't want a supervisor like that :vlol::vlol::vlol:
great comic XD
make more please... ;)

12-09-07, 17:42
That is genius. Wonderful work. ":vlol:" Really is the best response to that.

12-09-07, 17:45

I loved your other comics, especially "Winston's Adventure."

"Breathe, Winston, breathe!" :vlol:

12-09-07, 18:26
:vlol:that is a great comic

12-09-07, 18:28
:vlol:I loved it!!:)

12-09-07, 18:30
They're all brilliant!

The way you play with the characters and the spaces,is just too funny :vlol:!

How I hated that 2 gunned #$$%#! But seeing him harm another baddie is way too fun :vlol:!

And I always knew there's a motive for that permanent tray!

12-09-07, 18:34
and the "not the teapot" is soo freakin funny XD

12-09-07, 19:35
:vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

12-09-07, 19:37

Brilliant comic :vlol:

12-09-07, 19:58
Hey! That really made my day. Could you purrrleeease do one of Goon With Wrench?
You know the guy down in the Maria Doria levels? He's my favourite.

Zelda master
12-09-07, 20:04
:vlol:thats freaking sweet