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Tthe Spirit
13-09-07, 05:25
Iwant to wish all the members of TRF (Muslims specifically) for the arrival of RAMADAN..

Well many countries are now still in summer (like me :p :p) and we have to fast up from 5 AM till 7:05 pm and hope noone find it too hard to fast especially when it is so hot, but i think there are many things to do to wate time before breaking the fasting..
Hope many of you invest it in being much more closer to God...

And it is like God told us, @Those of you who beleived, you are said to fast exactly as it has been written on those who preceeded you..."

and as it has been told about the Prophet that he was avery kind man, and mostly kind during Ramadan...

Mad Tony
13-09-07, 06:15
Another thread exactly the same as this halfway down the page.

13-09-07, 10:23
Happy ramadan :wve:

As Mad Tony says, there is already a thread open for this. I'll close this one.