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11-04-04, 22:51

Opens source method for running Linux on Windows

A trial version of a little-known Linux application called "CoLinux" was released recently. It is the first working free and open source method for optimally running Linux on Microsoft Windows natively as reported in this Linux World article (http://www.linuxworld.com/story/44466.htm). It's the work of a 21 year-old Israeli computer science student and some Japanese open source programmers; in Israel, analysts are already saying it could help transform the software world.

The student, Dan Aloni, a graduate of an IDF computer unit, has developed a Linux application - called Cooperative Linux ("CoLinux" for short) - that is a port of the Linux kernel that allows it to run cooperatively alongside another operating system on a single machine. For instance, it allows one to freely run Linux on Windows without using a commercial PC virtualization software such as VMware, in a way which is much more optimal than using any general purpose PC virtualization software. A member of the international open source community, Aloni developed CoLinux along with several Japanese programmers, collaborating over the Net.

They've written special core drivers for the host OS which modify the way the host OS receives notifications from the hardware - thus allowing both Operating Systems to coexist peacefully - and run at a decent speed as well. "As the trend is for Linux to take a more important role in organizations," Shemesh continues, "Aloni's development is extremely interesting. The question is how Microsoft will react and whether it will allow support for Windows systems if they have Linux systems installed on them." According to Haaretz.com (http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/spages/414290.html) that is also carrying details of this story, Microsoft has so far made no comment on Aloni's development.

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