View Full Version : Been In Hospital All Mourning

14-09-07, 12:23
You may have noticed I have not been on the past couple of days thats because i've been in pain and today went to A & E (accident And Emergeny). i have done something to my neck and did it in rugby after a tacle and i could not move my head it was locked, but i'm getting better. now on several tablets for the next 8 days then if i still have pains by tuesday i got to go back to hospital, for a neck brace. wow alot has gone on now i need to relax and come on TRF

14-09-07, 12:25
I'm happy to hear U are feeling better :)

14-09-07, 12:27
I have been in a hospital and it's not very nice, glad to see you're back ! :)

14-09-07, 12:28
Glad you're getting better :)

But sheesh, you might want the title changed - I thought something terrible had happened! :eek:

14-09-07, 12:29
Sounds like a nasty injury, hope you get well soon. :)

14-09-07, 12:51
Sounds like a nasty injury, hope you get well soon. :)

Hope so too:)

14-09-07, 12:52
Get well soon :hug:

14-09-07, 13:03
Hope you feel better soon :)

14-09-07, 13:04
thanks everyone been off school allday 2day but don't mind might be off aswell on moday but back on tuesday

14-09-07, 14:01
hope everything goes well and you start feeling better

14-09-07, 14:09
Glad to hear that your okay :)

14-09-07, 14:52
Sounds painful, hope you feel loads better soon :hug: