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14-09-07, 18:29
Now in Glorious Technicolour! :yah:

What...I never colour stuff, it's a reason for celebration if you ask me. :D

Ok, Madames et Monsieurs, you are most welcome to this weigh-in of the contestants who will participate in the next round, which I will call La Bataille Finale : Autour de 3! (feel free to correct my French :pi: )


Right, In the Red Corner we have ze very smexy Pierre DuPont, ala Tomb Raider 1. As you can see he doesn't look to happy. Well, you see, he's is le ****ed at TR1 Larson at the moment, whom our regular viewers will remember, suffered a humiliating defeat in the last round to TRA Larson.

And in the Blue Corner, we have ze average as hell Pierre DuPont from Tomb Raider Anniversary. And he's all smug and stuff since his teamate kicked total behind in the previous round, bringing the score so far to 2:1 to Team Anniversary (The two Natlas drew).

You know, I wondered for ages what colour TR1 Pierre's jacket actually was, but I decided that it's purple (cos its such a cool colour :cln:). Also, I cant think of a single thing I like about TRA Pierre in this pic :(

Right moving on, I think its a good idea to include a bit of Post-Round analysis, but since Im too lazy for that, I'll let this pic explain it all :D


And cue new avatar :jmp:

So once again, who wins, who loses, who cares? Stay tuned for the third Round and thanks for watching :D :wve:



Seriously bloodstormaoa, I couldnt have done it without the "Peer Pressure". And dude, before you ask, I have no clue what you look like :D

Previous rounds can be found here: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=104919

And here: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=97831

14-09-07, 23:43
OMG!!!! Cameo much :D

Love it, love it, love it!!! Incredible summary etc. Tis gorgeous! :jmp::jmp:

Comment *****es! I know you be viewing :pi:

EDIT: I apologise for this post :o

15-09-07, 05:52
I was wondering about these rounds. Great draws:tmb:u just made my day...:hug:Good luck on conrinuing the whole project.;)

15-09-07, 07:08
LOL! Awesome. The 2nd to last pic made me laugh. :D

15-09-07, 07:08
Wow those drawings are great. Larson beat up is very well done :tmb:

15-09-07, 08:46
Thanks guys :D Im quite proud of Puppy-dog Larson myself but I really love how TRA Larson turned out :o :hug:

15-09-07, 22:22

15-09-07, 22:26

i always know that bloodstormoa was a slavery addept :whi:

15-09-07, 22:49
:vlol: That is great, as the previous rounds were. I can't wait to see the actual round 3.

Do it now!!!!!!!

*prods until it gets done*

15-09-07, 23:00

i always know that bloodstormoa was a slavery addept :whi:

Hey!!! :mad: :p

:vlol: That is great, as the previous rounds were. I can't wait to see the actual round 3.

Do it now!!!!!!!

*prods until it gets done*

Don't! You'll be branded a slave owner :p

15-09-07, 23:31
Roflmao hilarious! :vlol: I love how TR:A Larson looks in the second pic. :D and lol @ the last one! :vlol: Tsk tsk, blood...now where did you learn that kinda behavior? :pi: Demanding more drawings from another member...*shakes head in disappointment*

16-09-07, 00:13
I know, shameful behaviour :p

Much like my hijacking of this thread.....

Sorry TMH :hug:

16-09-07, 00:16
lmfao! Awesome as always! :D