View Full Version : Why Am I Always So Tired?

Soma Holiday
14-09-07, 23:25
I went to bed last night at 11pm, woke up at 5am, went back to sleep at 11am, woke up at 5pm, and I'm STILL SLEEPY.

I know its not a consistant sleep, but that's 12 hours. I shouln't be tired right now.

What am I doing wrong? I know I'm not as active as I should be, and I don't eat the best of foods, but are there specific things I can do to be less tired?

I don't wanna resort to caffeine, but I'm getting sick of this. :( I feel like I'm wasting my time with so much sleep. And when I'm not sleepy, I'm still kinda dragging. The only time I have alot of energy is when I drink alchohol...which is rare.

Why is this? it makes no sense to me.

tlr online
14-09-07, 23:25
You need a good diet, and drink plenty of water. Normally water does the trick.

14-09-07, 23:29
perhaps your days are just tiring!
and the much you sleep, the much you get tired! :p

14-09-07, 23:31
maybe you're getting sick?

Eddie Haskell
14-09-07, 23:31
You need a good diet, and drink plenty of water. Normally water does the trick.

Heheheh, I sleep 5 hours a night (sometimes less!) and never drink water, ever. Lot's of coffee though. Normally as you get older you need less sleep, my parents sleep about the same as I do, and all of the old people that I know sleep much less. Studies show that a growing body and and mind need a lot of sleep, and I was the same in my youth. I used to have to be dragged out of bed when I was in my teens. :)

14-09-07, 23:33
maybe u need exercise to wake ur body up. its probly still in that "just woke up" mode since ur sleeping alot.

Soma Holiday
14-09-07, 23:38
I'm nearly 19. lol.

I don't drink any water...so I'll give it a try. I don't like it, but if it helps...I get exercise walking to class, but its like as soon as I stop moving, I'm dead again.

14-09-07, 23:41
walking for a few minutes isnt enough. aerobics maybe would help.

wait "to class"? school? no wonder ur tired. ur probly bored as hell. maybe caffine (sp?) like tea or even coffee will help.

14-09-07, 23:42
Sleeping during the day makes you tired. Also, day-sleep cannot, ever, compromise for the lost hours of sleep during the night. So I would recommend you have a good night of sleep, and get up a bit earlier around 11AM. You'll feel as good as new.

14-09-07, 23:42
Do you go to parties?

Soma Holiday
14-09-07, 23:42
yeah, I'm in college...but not too much.

the whole boredom thing may have alot to do with it actually...

14-09-07, 23:44
I thought if you go to parties every day you tend to feel a bit exhausted :)

Soma Holiday
14-09-07, 23:45
Not everyday...maybe once a week, that's about all. I walk all around the city, cause my classes are spread out along the campus...

14-09-07, 23:46
Well do what Anubis_AF suggested then :D

Soma Holiday
14-09-07, 23:49
Oh I'll definately try it lol...I'ma try lots of things until I find something that works...

15-09-07, 00:23
Well maybe you are suffering from some sort of Fatigue Disorder??

15-09-07, 00:31
vegging out in front of the TV and the computer turns you into a zombie but your mind doesn't wanna shut down, combine that with boredom and WHAMMO-fatigue.

Soma Holiday
15-09-07, 00:37
vegging out in front of the TV and the computer turns you into a zombie but your mind doesn't wanna shut down, combine that with boredom and WHAMMO-fatigue.

I think thats the winner! lol. I've been playing LOTRO nonstop...I know I'm technically a zombie lol.

15-09-07, 00:38
To maintain good health, your sleep shouldn't be broken up. You need at least 8 hours of undisturbed sleep. Following bad sleeping patterns can become a bad habit, and will be poor for your heart. It can eventually lead to cardiovascular disease.

I sometimes go to sleep at 9-10 PM, and wake up at 3-4 AM, and it's not making me feel good. You don't want that. Do what's best.

Any reason in particular why you wake up at 5 AM?

Soma Holiday
15-09-07, 00:47
No...My usual pattern is to go to bed at like 2am, wake up at 8am (for class) then go back to sleep at like 11am (after class) then wake up at like 5 pm, and repeat.

Yesterday was just an exception, but its about the same...I am just a night person. I would much rather stay up at night because I'm more creative and in tune at night, its wierd, but I get all my work done at night, whereas in the day I feel bored by work.

15-09-07, 00:52
I suppose you could try going to bed a little earlier than 2AM. You could also just keep lying down after you wake up. Sometimes I oversleep 12 hours in one go. Plus, it feels good to sleep in XD

15-09-07, 02:25
same with me when i was 14, 166 lbs and didnt do much, but during the summer i found a sport (football) and played it every day and drank plenty of water and ate very little. And now i lost more than 20 lbs and more active then before, i suggest you do something like this.

15-09-07, 08:59
pregnant perhaps?:O

15-09-07, 10:00
I've only just started drinking more water and I already get up a lot earlier and now I always have cereal for breakfast too :)

Though all through my teen years I was always more tired for some reason :/

15-09-07, 10:42
Maybe you are actually sleeping too much and not getting enough exercise? i know when I'm off work and uni i tend to slob around the house and find I'm more tired from doing nothing than when i get up at 5:30am, work all day drive to rehearsals, rehearse until 11pm, drive home, get in about 1 30 am, go to sleep... get back up at 5:30am again!

Because of that no matter how tired i am i make sure i get up at no later than 8:30 am, and go do some exercise, find i then feel energised and ready to face the day

15-09-07, 10:51
Eat well, drink well, sleep well, live well: the usual message :wve:

Having said that, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on this over the longer term. If altering your lifestyle to a healthier one doesn't help, there might be an underlying cause/problem. I say this because I feel this way quite a lot due to a chronic health complaint.

Don't panic, but don't get complacent about your health either.

15-09-07, 15:47
How much sleep you get doesnt matter one bit...its how much REM sleep you get that matters. Typically, you need to sleep at least 7 hours straight to get optimal REM sleep, which itself lasts about 4 of them.

During REM sleep, you wont wake up (easily, and if you do, you will be miserable until you can get back to REM sleep), and you wont move (unless you are a sleepwalker, which is an actual brain disorder related to REM sleep).

If you are tired after sleeping...it is too little REM sleep...as for why you get too little...that is typically a health and/or lifestyle thing.

15-09-07, 15:55
- Stop sleeping that much; Sleeping so much DOES make the body feel tired. 8 houres per day are enough.
- Practice sport (any kind you like).
- Drink a lot of water instead of Alcohol.
- Healthy food is also recommended, but I don't think it has something to do with feeling sleepy.

Soma Holiday
16-09-07, 03:00
Thanx everyone. I'll definately take it to heart.

16-09-07, 03:47
You need a good diet, and drink plenty of water. Normally water does the trick.

Well that doesn't make much sense either. I drink at least 3 bottles a day, and I'm always exhausted. I also have a similar sleep schedule to Soma's though; go to bed at 11pm, wake up at 6am.

Zac Medley
16-09-07, 03:53
To maintain good health, your sleep shouldn't be broken up. You need at least 8 hours of undisturbed sleep.

LOL! wow, that would be nice. I get about 3 hours of sleep, twice a day. Sometimes not that much.

16-09-07, 04:14
I get the same problem, I find myself really sleeping when not doing much or in school, just when I'm actually involved with friends or talking I don't feel as sluggish. Otherwise it's definitely partly lack of sleep, I get 5 hours at best, mainly less per night from work, school, and friends.

16-09-07, 04:27
Were you sleeping in a comfortable place?

Fatigue could be a sign of vitamin B1 deficiency, talk to your doctor. :)

Soma Holiday
16-09-07, 08:11
I sleep in a nice bed, but I'm in the city now, so lots of noises outside wake me up alot. I know I don't get much Vitamin D however. I hardly ever get into the sun. I'm extremely pale (by choice) and I try to avoid it and where lots of cunscreen. Could that be a problem? Do I need some Vitamin D along with the B?

16-09-07, 09:13
At your age best thing to do in my opinion is get a long sleep 6/8 hours maybe longer at the weekend, do some extra exercise not just walk to class, and drink plenty and eat little and often.

And just sleep the once a day if you can even if your tired stay awake (without the use of caffine) try to get your sleep pattern back to normal

16-09-07, 09:18
I suffer with this a little as well - I've found that the best way to keep it under control is eating more healthily, some light exercise during the day (even just a 1/2 hour walk or something) and keeping to a routine. Nothing stupidly strict, but if you're sleeping at 11pm one night and then staying up until 5am or something the next, you can hardly blame your body for not knowing whether it's coming or going lol. And as other people have mentioned, too much TV and/or PC time can make it harder for your mind to switch off. The only other major cause of continued fatigue (and I don't mean to be presumptuous here, I'm only mentioning it because I don't think anyone else so far has) is depression. If you're feeling under the weather, no amount of sleep will help recover from that state of mental rather than physical tiredness. If you suspect that that might have anything to do with it, it may be worth speaking to a GP :)