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16-09-07, 10:18
Hey guys, I recently began drawing the Legend Lara's portrait, you know the one where her face looks orange and the clouds are behind her, and it took me two attempts. The first was done simply by me looking at her features and drawing them however I found that her face was way out of proportion and didn't look right. But yesterday, after reading a book about portraits, I decided to do what I think is called "graphing" where you split the picture up into squares and draw what you see in the boxes.

I have to say that the final result was amazing, it looks just like the real picture and the graphing is a real help, I am quite proud of it...but is it considered as taking the easy way? Does anyone else use this method or do they start their portraits from what they see without boxes?

16-09-07, 10:21
When I drawed Legend Lara portrait, I didn't use any boxes, and it turned out nice. But if it's easier for you and you think that your portrait with the boxes and all that looks just like Legend Lara then it's ok. :)

16-09-07, 10:24
I dont see how graphing would be considered an easy way out. Im sure plenty of people do so. In fact its how I was taught in school :D So I dont think you should worry.

16-09-07, 10:29
Graphing is commonly used when trying to draw from a picture.famous artists even repainted or redrew their works separately using this method to change certain features(can't think of any sorry:D). and I know graphing is commonly used in digital art. I however have never used this method. I do use proportion split lines and start with the basic shapes, but I find graphing way to overwhelming. I start with basic formes and just continue adding detail.:o

16-09-07, 11:42
^ Agreed, I could never use "graphing" although I'm sure it's perfectly acceptable to do so :)