View Full Version : Speed camera detectors... can anyone recommend one?

16-09-07, 15:26
I have speed cameras installed into my navman sat nav at the mo, but i get a new car next month which has integral sat nav. Therefore i need a stand alone speed camera detector.

Has anyone got one? any recommendations?

Ideally i need one with an internal battery as i don't do (visible) wires so ideally don't want it plugged int the cigarette lighter all the time, if not i will get it hard wired to my cars battery.

Also need one that can have an external aerial, the car has a heat reflective windscreen so it blocks GPS signal so i need to route the aerial to a diff part of the car out of sight.

finally want it GPS based rather than laser ( although if it does both, not complaining!)

There are loads on the market, some very cheap, some very expensive, but also have to take into account update prices, they vary between 35 a year to about 100 a year for updates.

Really don't know where to start so thought id see if anyone had experience of them and could recommend one

( yes i know simple rule, done speed and i wont need one, i generally don't speed, but i drive long distances where i don't know the roads, i got done earlier in the year doing 61mph on the motorway because it had been restricted to 50...that one speeding ticket cost me 60, 3 points on my licence and a 300 increase on my car insurance, so id rather be safe than sorry!

16-09-07, 15:37


The chart is in spanish, but seems the more complete ;) but 1.100 € LOL

Zac Medley
16-09-07, 17:16
The best way to detect speed cameras is to drive at or below the speed limit. They're pretty easy to spot then.

16-09-07, 18:00
Are speed cameras in Europe stand-alone cameras, not the gun-looking things sneaky cops hold when they're waiting on the side of the road?

16-09-07, 18:00
The best way to detect speed cameras is to drive at or below the speed limit. They're pretty easy to spot then.

A very Socratic post! :vlol:

16-09-07, 19:34
I thought i was driving below the speed limit when i got done for speeding! i was on a 70mph road, and doing 61mph. About 3 miles previously there were roadworks so the speed limit had been restricted to 50. By this point roadworks had been cleared cones were gone and had been for ages assumed roadworks had finished... apparently not! :(

Would just like a detector for a bit of reassurance!

We have gun type cameras in the uk which are 99% the time in the back of a van and fixed cameras. But they have to tell people before they set up a "safety camera van" all of them are published on the net, so these devices you update weekly and the locations are put on automatically.

Will always remember going out with mates to a car show so in a convoy of about 20 cars. driving along a 60 mph twisty country road at probably about 55mph, come over the top of a hill and literally just over the crest the speed limit drops to "30" and directly behind it front facing a speed camera! people had little or no hope of seeing the change in speed limit, slamming breaks on and getting down to 30mph before getting level with the sign because of the structure of the road!
Luckily the guy leading the convoy knew the area well and slowed early so we all followed. On the way home later that day knew it was there so slowed right down as i went up the hill.. the guy in front of me did not and got flashed!

Cameras like that are only there for profit! if it was so important that drivers are down to 30 by that point put a sign up earlier saying "30 limit 500 yards" like a lot of places do!

( sorry rant over!)