View Full Version : why are most "emos".....

16-09-07, 16:33
are like super rich??? lol like some kids who supposedly are emo it's like you see thier house no MANSION practically and they still act like they hate their life and cut themselves and stuff?? what about normal ppl (who want to be themselves) have real poblems going on? like me i dress how i want ( i mean i do wear like the "punk" stuff) but i don't mope around and i have real problems like my parentsfight every night and stuff i have to go to school like that i mean i hate dealing with it! but i don't cut myself i mean my god.
btw im not goth either just ignore my name lol

Mad Tony
16-09-07, 16:35
http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=107706 There's a fairly varied emo discussion going on here.

16-09-07, 16:40
oh ok well this can be closed. sry about that :p