View Full Version : Eye Brows = OMGAAA!

17-09-07, 04:52
Okay, so me, thinking it would be a smart thing to do my own eye brows, made a huge mistake. Where the eye brows took, I took a little bit too much hair and now my eye brows look short. They look like someone took them off kilter. :(

It's kind of funny in a way but I have school pictures in two days...

any tips or stories anyone would like to offer? :tea:

17-09-07, 04:54
That's why we have people to do that for you hon.

17-09-07, 04:55
Meh, well that costs money and I don't have a way to get there.

17-09-07, 05:03
If u have school pics in 2 days, fill u'r brows in with brow pencil. U don't always have to get someone else, BTW Dani, but it is a good idea if u or anyone is a beginner......Don't shape brows too quickly. shape both brows a little, then stop and reimagine what shape u want. Use clean tweezers, and use both a normal and magnefying mirror.

After shaping, use a tiny scissor to shorten extra long strays and use them wisely. :tmb: Try different shapes and really see which shape works for u.

Not much horror stories to offer, sorry. :p The only mistake I had was not trying different shapes. /\ ;)

troy tr
17-09-07, 05:34
lol I remembered how I shaved it a bit as a kid. Took a while to grow back. Ah well, ready your blackboard marker and draw them back I say.

Melonie Tomb Raider
17-09-07, 06:24
Are you a guy or a girl? If you're a girl, just wear makeup and use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the bare edges. I've gotten tweezer happy with my brows before, and when that happens, I fill it in with an eyebrow pencil/ brush until they are normal again. It happens. :p

17-09-07, 08:43
Eyebrow pencil definitely.

I used to do that when I plucked them at first but after a while you get better.

A good tip I got is not to take any from the top of your eyebrows, always trim long hairs with scissors instead. Try not to make them too short and over-pluck at the ends as this can look odd, my aunty used to do this all the time till her eyebrows were an inch long :vlol:
If you keep stopping and looking at them instead of doing it quickly, you'll have a better chance. Good luck! :D

17-09-07, 08:50
I'm no expert at eyebrows, the other night, I got bored so I got out the twezers, and wel.. yeah. Over done it a tad.. xDD

Eyebrow pencils are good!

17-09-07, 09:19
I do my own eyebrows cause I don't believe in paying around $7 or so for something you can easily do yourself.
It's all about practice. Since you've made a blunder this time, it's something you know not to do next time.
All I can recommend is try and lengthen the eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil.

20-09-07, 05:13
I feel better now thank you so much to all of your relplies. :)

Luckily I have long bangs, my school pictures were today
so I used my bangs to hide them and they can't even
be that bad because no one has said anything, woo woo!

20-09-07, 05:31
Good for you. As long as your eyebrows don't look like a giant forehead-dwelling tropical caterpillar, you're good. :wve:

20-09-07, 06:45
/\ :vlol: U've painted quite a picture there.

Zac Medley
20-09-07, 09:15
I remember waiting for one of my 'O' level exams to start (1985!) and one of my friends showed up with NO eyebrows. He was a weird kid into drama and stuff, and he just decided to shave them off.

He looked like a reptile.

Then, of course, there is the old classic trick that I saw as a fresher at Uni. in Bangor (1987). A bloke got so drunk that he passed out, and a couple of girls shaved off ONE eyebrow. He wore a band-aid for about a week, but that looked weird because it was skin-colored.

And why not pay a professional to do it? They have to make a living.

20-09-07, 09:17
He looked like a reptile.