View Full Version : Tomb Raider Sountrack Released...

Tthe Spirit
17-09-07, 07:56
Did any of you ever know this?

Looks amazing..


:p.. anyway, i have all the TR soundtrack downloaded since the time they were available for free...
Guess I saved myself some huge tiles of money..

But it is interesting that the size of the tracks are huge.. like 10 mb...
Maybe mixed all to be one terrific music tracks since many of them are like 3 seconds...
This makes me want to buy them...

17-09-07, 08:03
Awww man,, what a tease. They're free, yet unavailable. Well at least I know they exist. pretty cool actually for hard-core fans. Thanks for the share.

17-09-07, 08:18
Its a fan-made project by a site that's banned from TRF. Its not an official release! :wve:

Tthe Spirit
17-09-07, 08:49
:p :p :p

17-09-07, 10:11
Tthe Spirit that site is currently banned under the terms of our T&C. I've removed the link and closed the thread - please don't link to them again.