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17-09-07, 10:13
I was just wondering how many people here have any odd traits they feel like sharing.. i saw a thread about this on another site but i couldn't post due to some sorta error... so... just to avoid deleting all my typed work, i decided to post it here!

here's my list of oddities...

1. when i go to the bathroom i have to constantly check to make sure i locked the door.. then i have to check to make sure it's still locked (even pausing certain bodily functions if needed)

2. i'm not very comfortable wearing clothes... there! i said it!!!!!!!!! people have made fun of me for being twitchy and for always fixing and adjusting my clothes.... IF ONLY THEY KNEW WHY!!!!!!!

3. I hold my pen/pencil in an apparently very weird manner... people ALWAYS just look and say.. 'omg...' or 'wtf..'.. add that to the fact that i'm left-handed and it looks even weirder.

4. As already stated i'm a leftie but i can only write on black boards with my right hand.. not a compulsion but i just can't right neatly or clearly with the left..
I had never noticed (it's subconcious) this until one day in class i was called up to do a graph on the black board and i did a very nice job until a friend just shouted out.. 'wait.. i thought you were left handed?'... then and there i look in shock at my right hand which was writing... the teacher agreed (i sat at the front) and asked me to write with my left saying i must be ambidextrous (?spelling?)..... i just couldn't write anything that coherrent or legible.... funny eh?

5. The money in my wallet MUST be organised.. the smaller notes in the front pouch and the larger notes (20+) go in the back one... then the wallet has to go in my right pocket (phone in left)

6. I regurlarly have to check to make sure i still have my keys

7. I have to read my sent messeges and emails to make sure there are no spelling mistakes and that they're sent to the right person...

8. I have to correct peoples grammer in conversation (my parents hate me lol)

17-09-07, 10:18
Someone started a thread a few days ago doing basically the same thing :wve:


Stiil, it's a pretty good list :D