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The Godfather
17-09-07, 12:02
At the end of "Tomb Raider - The Last Revelation" Lara Croft falls into the depths of the Great Pyramid of Horus presumably being dead. Her one-time mentor Werner Von Croy, who had been mind-controlled by the Dark Egyptian God of Chaos and Destruction Seth, didn't find the courage to save her and barely managed to get out himself. :o

At the end of "Tomb Raider - Chronicles" Werner Von Croy finds a backpack similar to the one of Lara Croft and he puts a stop to his huge search and rescue operation which involves dozens of men digging in Egypt to find the body of Lara Croft. :)

At the beginning of "Tomb Raider - The Angel of Darkness" we see an angry Lara Croft saying to Werner Von Croy:" Egypt, Werner. You left me!!" :D

These are things the average Tomb Raider already knows. Here is something you might not know: ;)


I believe Werner Von Croy found a backpack ... not THE but A backpack. After many months of digging he was looking for an excuse to stop his rescue operation so he wouldn't have to feel guilty anymore over the loss of Lara Croft. He actually uttered the words: "We found her". But he never saw Lara Croft ... only a backpack which might/might not have been hers. (which is why Lara Croft is so angry with Werner because he simply gave up on her.) :o

There is a new level which shows the actual escape of Lara Croft out of the Great Pyramid of Horus. This short level (which takes about 10 to 15 minutes to finish) starts around the year 2000 and actually shows Lara Croft fighting a couple of enemies, dogging spiking balls, picking up artefacts and fighting her way towards the exit. :)

Ultimately we see Lara Croft making it outside the pyramid where a jeep (possible one of Werner's people or one of the many tourists who have visited Egypt) is awaiting her. :p

This level is the first level of the "Tomb Raider Level Editor disc".

Play this level (even though it's very short) and witness the escape of Lara Croft out of the Great Pyramid of Horus.

Lemme know what you think of it!

Bye for now

17-09-07, 12:38
It is the most likely explanation, but... It's not enough for me :p

1. It doesn't say anything about it being a direct continuation, simply implies it with Lara being in a pyramid.

2. Only those with a PC and those who wanted to play with the level editor would get to play this level, which doesn't make it seem like the only explanation to how she escaped. If it was, then I would've expected those on PS to be able to play it as a bonus on TR5 or something.

3. Putai... Where?

There's still a lot more to this apparent "Lara of Arabia" story, I don't think it's as simple as what happens in that level-editor level.

17-09-07, 12:57
that can't be so linear... perhaps if Core was not fired, and could have finished AoD, we could know what happened after the battle with seth!
your explanation is good, but not good enough... there are still many questions to be answered!

17-09-07, 13:49
It is the most likely explanation, but... It's not enough for me :p

Having bought TR4 for both PC and PSx, I think it's a good enough explanation. Real fans want it all! :tea: