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17-09-07, 17:29
I need help again with juggling 4 balls continuosly i was juggling good before and now i got worse again.:hea::( I practiced for months and i still have trouble. Why did i just get worse again? Can you explain why?

17-09-07, 17:31
I don't know many people that juggle, Peeves. Sorry. :p

17-09-07, 17:32
Well Before i could do just short of 20 catches and now i can't even do 10 even though i only stopped for a few minutes.:( It's a bit sad that once you were good and a few minutes later you're bad at it. I can't help doing bad throws. :(

17-09-07, 18:16
I can't juggle to save my life. Keep practising I suppose..

17-09-07, 18:57
peeves, you've something of a juggling obsession going here




I'm afraid your attempt to circumvent our memories of threads has been foiled by the search feature ;) Why don't I just rename this thread for you and leave it at that, since it's obvious being told to keep your balls to yourself falls on deaf ears? ;)

17-09-07, 19:25
Ooooooooooh I can juggle!!

How fun!!

Legend of Lara
17-09-07, 19:38
If it makes you feel better, I cannot juggle. At all. Not even just two balls!